Mr. Boxoffrogs @boxoffrogs
28 May, 09:59
Rehan Saton huh? Coming outta Harvard huh? Ain't that the skull and bones place and home of Harvard Lampoon...

In the paradigm known as Judaism the teachings of their sacred book, the Torah states that man is given a choice, a free will between perfection and imperfection. This state of perfection, of being closer to God is known as the yetzir hatov. The opposite of this is, denying this opportunity of perfection, and turning away from God and living a life of evil which is known as the yetzer hara.

The yetzir hatov is the quest towards God and goodness while the yetzir hara is the inner impulses, that becomes the ha-satan or the opposer to God. I think this concept is similar to the Christian paradigm which suggests that virtue leads one towards salvation and God while life of vice or sin leads one away from God, and Satan is the acting force in this process that leads men away from God and a life of goodness.

ha-satan... Rehan Saton, ok Santa
A Harvard law student's appreciation - YouTube

Before attending Harvard Law School, Rehan Staton worked in sanitation, refurbishing dumpsters. So, he was that rare student who recognized and thanked custo...

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Martin Geddes donated @martingeddes
26 May, 07:40
Today is Shavuot... "On Passover, the people of Israel were freed from their enslavement to Pharaoh; on Shavuot, they were given the Torah and became a nation committed to serving God."

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Samuel Saldana @ZemahBenYishai
24 May, 03:48
Book of Ruth: Recasting David’s Foreign Origins

Reading Ruth on Shavuot Because of David’s Yahrzeit and Birthday 🕯️🔯

#FamilyIsEverything #HouseOfDavid #CasaDeDavid #SonOfJesse

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Light and LOVE @LightuptheUniverse
19 May, 11:03
If Christians, Jews and Muslims actually questioned All the inconsistancies, All the evil and cruelty, the number of different bibles, the many different sects / denominations, the practical math of Noahs flood and so, so much more in their bibles, Koran and Torah,

religions would be history and Authentic Spirituality would Be realized, questioned and verified!


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Samuel Saldana @ZemahBenYishai
18 May, 06:36
The Heavenly #Messiah !
The #Messiah preexisted.
“Seven things were created before the world was made, and these are they: Torah, repentance, the Garden of Eden, Gehenna, the throne of glory, and house of the sanctuary, and the name of the Messiah” (b. Pes. 54a; cf. b. Ned. 39b).

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