Ego should have no place, in the heart of man! Numquam Cedere -Never Surrender ***5 Year Active Duty... Veteran- Operation Desert Fox.

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I love a good summer storm!
I sit in the garage on my lawn chair and watch the lightning.
Stay safe, my friend!

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"The content banner autogenerated throughout the Catalog since the summer of 2021 reflects the work of the Archivist’s Task Force on Racism that Ferriero chartered in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd. Debra Steidel Wall, whom David named Deputy Archivist in 2011, will ensure continuation of key initiatives when David retires in April 2022."

Son of the American and Texas Revolutions WWG1WGA

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i really like this old calendar! being a new year baby sounds much better than....well must have been really hot and nothing else to do the previous summer 🤣
thanks Mom and Dad!

The Understanding that we are ALL ONE energy, having a physical experience together empowers USAll to UNITE and SEE the truth in all things.

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Hot summer!

My full name in Gematria=The Best Is Yet To Come~A robin red-breast in a cage puts all of Heaven in a rage~ Born in the USA/Live in `Q`uebec

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It`s also the dog days of summer and Canis Major has `17` stars...

May Japanese Gods bless you and all   We are ONE

Tonight, the spirits of our ancestors will return, so I polished and cleaned the grave.
In the evening, incense will be burned in front of the house and welcomed to the house
Until the morning of August 16th, I will spend time with the spirits of my ancestors

Obon is a series of events held during the summer in Japan to honor the spirits of one's ancestors.
It is an event that fuses ancient Japanese ancestor worship with Buddhism
It used to be held around the 15th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar



my allegiance is to the people for which we stand one world undivided with liberty and justice for all

end of summer storms here will be riotous i do expect more hail , visions put flooding in early mid fall.

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That's right , the People's President had those documents at the Summer White House .

Catherine Summer, [8/12/2022 1:27 PM]
[Forwarded from Mike Smith]
San Francisco gay men's chorus is actually full of actual convicted nonces.

Nothing special to note, except for our strong defense of freedom and life

It's been hot for 3 or 4 days now in Britain (because it's summer) and an official drought has been called, water rationing and hose pipe bans

Energy Shifter helping the World Transform their lives into the New Earth! Host of Soul Talk Soul Life Media Patriot to the Core...

Who is Rolling Stones source? This summer, Trump has asked close associates if they think his communications are being monitored by the feds, or — per his phrasing — “by Biden.” As a source close to Trump describes it to Rolling Stone: “He has asked me and others, ‘Do you think our phones are tapped?’ Given the sheer volume of investigations going on into the [former] president, I do not think he’s assuming anything is outside the realm of possibility.”

See something, say something. If pallets of brick start shiwing up in your city and you see “Trump” supporters acting like ANTIFA, report it.

I’d start watching the cities highlighted on the four pics of “summer of love riots” below.

Is 4th July the "Orthodox midsummer"? It is 13 days after the solstice, and Julian/Gregorian calendar gap is 13 days.

Bananarama - CRUEL SUMMER (RMX) - The Karate Kid Soundtrack (1984) - YouTube

Bananarama - Cruel SummerThe Karate Kid Soundtrack (1984)Dr. Hoffman RMX#80s #retro #electropop#karatekid #cobrakai

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