Laurie Sunshine @HeavenlySunshine2022
20 March, 09:17
From Relentless Truth on TG

A reporter who was silenced by Lori Lightfoot gave one of the worst mayors in American history a beautiful verbal lashing.

"You shut down our schools, you shut down our businesses, I never thought, in my life, that I would ever see the city of Chicago brought down so low.
Shame on you.
Future historians are going to have a hard time understanding how you ever even became mayor of the city of Chicago...I intend to write that book.
I hope you realize what damage you've done. I hope that after today's meeting, you will pack your suitcase and get the hell out of my city." 🔥

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20 March, 09:06
Trumpeter (1992)
ISSN: 0832-6193
The Buddhist Perception of Nature:
Implications for Forest Conservation in Thailand

"Humans here have relational links with all other forms of life. "This conviction is the principle root for the ethical injunction to 'ahimsa' or reverence for life. The first Buddhist commandment is that one should harm no living thing or minimize harm not simply to humans but to nonhuman animals as well."."

Having read this on Buddhism, I would say my personal lifestyle and beliefs conform closely to the same principles.

And yes, there is a spiritual relationship between 'man' and 'animals'. We all have the same rights as living 'beings' on this planet. Yet mankind views itself as superior to animals. Shame on mankind.

Cambridge Dictionary:
noun [ U ]
the whole of the human race, including both men and women:
Mankind has always been obsessed by power.


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John Hewitt @Exnavypatriot
20 March, 08:27
Will President Trump allow himself to be 'arrested'? wink wink
Yes yes yes its terrible and all but lets spin it round a minute...
Think of the optics.
Many fence sitting Americans in both the public and the media will feel shame and will express that shame.
It will be painted as a dark day (rightly so) and not a good look for the country.
but...but after all the info we know is coming out to the public, we know there will be big arrests....
sooooo what I am getting at is it will set a political precedent.
No way anyone will be able to complain if they see Biden/HRC/Obama in cuffs down the line.
'wait a minute, so it was ok to arrest Trump for nothing but not ok to arrest Brandon, Hillary or Renegade for treason/crimes against humanity etc etc ???
If something like this was to happen it would be part of the plan.
What do you think?

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KrakenQrew _Zum @LanieLou5
19 March, 12:49
State Dept US AID is the 'Advance Team'
sent to set up Free Nations for Disruption &
Coups, FOR of the CIA.

I'm ASHAMED they use Our Nation as
Cover for the Satanic NaziWO Efforts
to Rule the World.


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Stanley Bolten @StanleyBolten
19 March, 02:27
Why don't they investigate those who threaten to kill Donald Trump???

A threat email threatening to kill Donald Trump and the digital soldiers

Donald Trump faces arrest, threat email Attorney Lin Wood received said Trump would be assassinated as well as Brian D. Hill and the digital soldiers


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