Robert Wakefield @Robertauthor
30 May, 03:01
Them Rothschilds been around a while - Scewing everone over since the Khazarian Empire

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David Treciak @scifiwriter
30 May, 09:46
The NWO also rewrote his-story during the revision of history during the epic reset between the mid-1800’s until the 1930’s when Court Hofjuden David Rockefeller, along with the Rothschilds (Red Shield) began the many stories of the Big Bang, Evolution and the his-story of religious myth and lore. The Court Hofjuden were/ are the Akanishi Jewish people who were conscripted by the Vatican to be allowed to make the all the money and all the fame, as long as the Vatican, Jesuits and 13 Satanic Bloodlines would be provided with information and power. The Vatican set up confessionals, for the same purpose and runs a worldwide spy spook agency called “The Entity” which owns and controls all major spy agencies including the CIA, NSA, Mi6, Mossad, etc. This is all part of their “One World Order” as stated in Latin on the back of US dollar bills.

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Beth Angel McPatriot @AngelMcPatriot
28 May, 01:21
anon_fa_mous on tg:
Epstein’s Private Calendar Reveals Prominent Names:

1) Head of the French Rothschilds Ariane de Rothschild
2) CIA's William Burns
3) Kissinger Associate Joshua Cooper Ramo
4) Political Activist Noam Chomsky
5) Goldman Sach's Kathryn Ruemmler
6) President of Bard College Leon Botstein.

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UM EK17 Q1111 @GaDawg3
27 May, 01:14
Klaus is a Nazi. Scherf's (Bush's) are nazis. NASA is a paperclip nazi operation. Soros is a nazi, Rothschilds are Nazis. FBI is overrun with nazis. DC is a corporation and a government which makes it FASCIST and they support the nazis in Ukraine more than the American people.

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27 May, 08:08
"Prepare to uncover the shocking truth about the world’s most influential families and their iron grip on the global economy. The Federal Reserve Cartel, comprised of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Morgans, holds unparalleled power that extends far beyond the realm of oil."


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