The great NHS data grab during the great reset and Scamdemic. Data=money, the NHS are going to sell our data claiming it’s for research when in reality it’s much deeper than just research. Seems like humans rights and privacy are going out the window. If you would like to opt out il put the PDF forms up but tbh I don’t trust anything to do with the NHS including the opt out forms. It’s like going to the police and putting a complaint in about the police. They never listen. All we can do is sign them up and hope for the best. Our data is clearly up for sale they say we have until the 21st June 2021 to opt out. they don’t make it easy, they actually want our personal phone numbers to send you a confirmation code, I do not consent to the NHS having my personal mobile phone number.

It states on website the NHS can still share our HEALTH data in public EMERGENCIES!!

Remember, the great reset was apart of their plan, Trump didn't change their plan. He had them fast forward on it. A reset with our financial system needs to happen so everything can be given back to the people. They were planning on using the reset as a gateway to much darker things.

All Will Be Revealed. Resistance is Futile

In response Tarah Q Tee to her Publication

The vax is a critical part of the larger plan related to there every 100-year global resets working their way towards complete New World Order One World Government, where people own nothing, rent it all, work jobs they are told to, under a Luciferian religion. The vax was designed to radically reduce the population to get it more manageable and because it sheds, everyone will have the remote programmable synthetic DNA in them to be remotely controlled within the Smart Cities run by AI that they were going to corral the remaining population into.

Romana Didulo ~ Head of State & Commander-in-Chief, Head of Government, Queen of Canada, [11.06.21 22:47]

How does one attend an International Summit when one is already 10 feet below the ground?

Globalists/NWO/Great Reset Sleeper Agents in Canada playing "Martyrdom" ? 🤔

Dear Canada 2.0 🇨🇦

This War, is being fought on your behalf up the Sky, UnderGround, OnTheGround and Digitally.

Control your#EMOTIONS before they control you.

Anyone creating and publishing videos of fear porn & anger porn, Cease and Desist immediately. You are not helping by doing that.

Peace and Prosperity or perish

#wwg1wga 🙏 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🌎

Christ Follower, Army Brat, Formerly Penpoint777

In response Veronica Wallace to her Publication

What was the Russian reset???

Was it the DS set up of the Russia/Collusion Hoax to target Russia and Trump in an effort to take them both down? Then the DS would finally be able to put their puppets in to control Russia completely.
But their Globalist plan failed.
They never thought HRC would lose.
They were wrong.

"...Under a “climate lockdown,” governments would limit private-vehicle use, ban consumption of red meat, and impose extreme energy-saving measures, while fossil-fuel companies would have to stop drilling..."

"...There you have it. A “climate lockdown” means no more red meat, the government setting limits on how and when people use their private vehicles and further (unspecified) “extreme energy-saving measures”. It would likely include previously suggested bans on air travel, too..."

In response Chill Bite to his Publication

Just reset everything a few times and “Time” finally played, and that is so good too, thank you!!

WWG-1-WGA "I know you won't believe me, but the highest form of Human Excellence is to question oneself and others." - Socrates

[Forwarded from WhipLash347]
STELLAR XLM Networks? These are for the People.
When the Stock Market Crash occurs by way of Precision Cyber. All of the seized Assets/Money from over 600+ Thousand Indictments will be flowing into these coins for humanity.

Like i have said the Transfer of wealth for the new GOLDEN AGE we are entering will be done a few ways.
U.S ISO20022 Coins which will be backed by Precious Metals. Rainbow Treasury Currencies will also be backed by Precious Metals no longer Oil. Hence why the Oil fields are being bombed. We are going to Tesla & Metals instead of Oil & Gas.
The Revaluation of All Currencies
Zimbabwean AA Zim 2008 Trillion Dollar Note which will be 1 for 1.
People with these will be expected to be completing Humanitarian Projects.
Also Vietnamese Dong & Iraqi Dinar.

And finally U.B.I

With the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET we will be returning to 1950's Prices.

Times of the GREAT AMERICAN.

Patriot, Digital soldier, Anon, Memer, Empath, WWG1WGA, MAGA,, NRA, SAVETHECHILDREN, God Wins, Trump is my President

Digital Warrior who took the Oath & will Never Give Up! Retired & Caretaker of 3 Dogs!

Here's the Book the WEF Perverted Nazi Leader Schwab Wrote.

He desribes their "PLANDEMIC" aka CV19

Digital Warrior who took the Oath & will Never Give Up! Retired & Caretaker of 3 Dogs!

TRUTH on COVID ! Hint = It Launches The Great RESET!

Renaissance Creative Soul. Spiritual Warrior for GOD. Shine a light in the darkness.


Corporations such as the Great Reset leader - Black Rock - are buying up single family homes- sometimes whole neighborhoods at 1/3 more than asking price - outbidding families. Backed by Federal Reserve funds...(fiat money) Gates buying farmland..

In response CSPOA JAMES to his Publication

American reset

Catholic (Not Vatican II) / Married / Father of 4 / Grandfather of 2 / USA Patriot / Jesus Christ is King of kings. #MAGA

"“Blackrock is buying every single family house they can find, paying 20-50% above asking price and outbidding normal home buyers. Why are corporations, pension funds and property investment groups buying entire neighborhoods out from under the middle class? Lets take a look. Homes are popping up on MLS and going under contract within a few hours. Blackrock, among others, are buying up thousands of new homes and entire neighborhoods.

“So who is Blackrock? Only the world’s largest asset manager and the leading proponent of The Great Reset. They’re looking to redistribute — get this — $120Trillion dollars. The entire wealth of the worlds middle class and poor combined several times over. As an example, a 124 new home neighborhood was bought in its entirety in Texas. Average Americans were outbid to a tune of $32million. Homes sold at an average of 20% above listing. Now the entire neighborhood is made up of SFR’s. What are SFR’s??

“Single Family Rentals. Now, your potential lower t

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