Carole Parnell donated @MagaMutt
12 February, 08:12
WEEKEND RECAP! #RGV Border Patrol Agents keeping busy over the Superbowl weekend with apprehensions, narcotics seizures, and smuggling cases! #TeamRGV ! 💚🇺🇸

1,199 Migrant Apprehensions
38 Gotaways
8 Human Smuggling Cases
7 Human Smugglers
3 Marijuana Seizures (219.96 lbs)

@Chief Patrol Agent Gloria I. Chavez (

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Alexander Rogge @alexanderrogge
09 February, 10:42
The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble featured the works of Jon Oliver, Kevin Day, Rafael Méndez, Dmitri Shostakovich, and euphonium soloist TSgt Chris McGinty at The U.S. Army Band 2024 Tuba-Euphonium Workshop; Dr. Scott Roeder, conducting. #texas #UTRGVVaqueros #UTRGVSchoolOfMusic #UTRGVMusic #UTRGVFineArts #UTRGV #RioGrandeValley #RGV #RallyTheValley #RiseUp #Euphonium #Tuba #TEW2024 #TEW #music

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Elizabeth Sylvia @Kellie
02 February, 07:36
Illegal Immigrant living in NY city hotel for free:

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CV03 The Corolla Virus™ @Kofa
18 January, 11:36
Threatened with arrest for asking Catholic Charities RGV about missing children
The RGVTRUTH team attended a public community engagement Event in Celebration of MLK day on 1/15/24 . Over an hour into the event RGVTRUTH media was being Is harassed by employees and event security on behalf of the "Speakers & Entourage". A belligerent staff memeber of the Cine El Ray theater was accusing RGVTRUTH of "hating illegals" for asking Sister Norma Pimentel Executive Director of Catholic Charities RGV about DHS's 80k plus unacompanied minors who are unaccounted for. The employee said he "doesn't like Americans hating illegals" and threatend to kick out the media. Over two hours after the event began Mcallen P D arrived at the public event and threatend RGVTRUTH media with arrest. All for asking a question to Catholic Charities RGV's executive director before the beginning of the event.

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arba happihr @arba
16 January, 12:02
As time passes my memory has to do a lot of rewinding , glad to be able to do it 😊
I found Dolores Cannon in 2009 ish

Here we go

The 7 things we agreed to before we landed on earth 😊
We had our minds wiped at birth making agreements difficult to remember 😊 imo
7 Things You Agreed To Before You Were Born ✨ Dolores Cannon - YouTube

Embark on a captivating journey into the depths of the soul's pre-birth planning and the profound spiritual agreements made before we are born. Inspired by t...

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