~Multi~ Dimensional~ @ryanisalive
16 February, 05:21
We've been in a lower density universe for some time, reincarnating within carbon level based realities. 1D, 2D, 3D. Now, we've raised the collective vibration to stepping into 4D, and we've been full on attacked even since, because the enemy hid out there, in the shadows, being ProjectZIONists, hoping to keep us down vibrationally forever. Now, it's a level playing field. We're seeing underground and also know there's a dome above as we're undoing the lies. Artificial intelligences/holograms/clones/and A.I. control was waiting for us in 4D. We're feeling 5D, but for the collective to rise, we've gotta break thru their delusions & distractions. They're transparent and can't control us once we rise. All outdated relgious beliefs keep us in 3D reincarnation Hell and New Age keeps you stuck healing endlessly with delusions, still stuck on reincarnation. We can live longer and we've gotta see beyond from every direction. Past, Present, Future, and use our Imagination to push on up & out.

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TheGreat Awoken @TheGreatAwoken
18 May, 09:06

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