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No, tried that, just got a nasty taste in my mouth and no help whatsoever. Not even for major leg and foot cramps caused by meds I'm on :(

You can buy HCQ on All Day Chemist too. No Rx needed. We have been using ivermectin for 4 years now for Lyme. We use the injectable cow ivermectin but take it orally with water. We use 1 cc every 4 days as a preventative dose. We put it in a small amount of water and drink it. You can buy this from as well as the syringes and needles you need to pull it from the vial. We homestead and I have all kinds of animal meds here, and needles and syringes. I realize most people don't - but it's not illegal to buy them, and the ivermectin can be ordered without an Rx in most states. You can also buy it in pill form from ADC as well, it is pricey and the mg/dose is different. They offer 6mg and 12 mg, other online pharmacies offer 3mg and some offer 20 mg. Lots of play with dosage on ivm.

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I don't know that, but if I were to buy the pills, I would ask the doctor prescribing them. Same with online pharmacies, you can ask them. I would think it would be on the bottle itself.

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I remember first seeing the snake symbol for pharmacies when I was very young and feeling creeped out by it. What an evil looking symbol the pharmaceutical companies chose to represent their business. But we now know that it's an accurate and honest portrayal of their Satan worship. It's been there in plain view for all to see for several hundred years.

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if you contact Dr. Stella and appt. you can get deliver to your house within 5 days! maybe faster if you ask! She has Drs. and Pharmacies all over States! You can get everything you need!

Dr Stella MD – Welcome to Dr. Stella Immanuel MD
Welcome to Dr. Stella MD. Welcome to our home online.

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It's a whole lot more than just physicians. It's the CDC, WHO, politicians, hospital systems, pharmacies, corporations, universities, school systems, the MSM, and all who participated in promoting/forcing the jab. Hang 'em all!

Just want the American Dream for my family.

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ppl are forgetting they went to local pharmacies, hospitals and doctors . to take all the ivermectin. they went to my doctors office and told him NOT to prescribe Ivermectin. They wanted ppl to die

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Bentonville, Arkansas-based Walmart said in a statement that it “strongly disputes" allegations in lawsuits from state and local governments that its pharmacies improperly filled prescriptions for the powerful prescription painkillers. The company does not admit liability with the settlement, which would represent about 2% of its quarterly revenue.

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And it continues.....

Medicare is now paying higher reimbursement rates for hospitals, physicians, pharmacies and others to administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

Starting immediately, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is increasing the Medicare payment amount to $40 to administer each dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. This represents an increase from approximately $28 to $40 to administer a single dose, and an increase from approximately $45 to $80 for the administration of vaccines requiring two doses.

The exact payment rate for administration of each dose of a COVID-19 vaccine will depend on the type of entity that furnishes the service and will be geographically adjusted based on where the service is furnished, CMS said

Praying for President Donald J Trump & all those souls dedicating themselves to saving the world from those who seek to destroy us.

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Thank you Patriot Sam. I am saddened by what happened to your cousin, I remember when you were posting about her being in the hospital struggling to survive. There is no question that pharmacies, hospitals, doctors and nurses were and are murdering patients. God help us stop those responsible and wake up those who still are blindly complying with the plandemic.

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Born a rebel, mom of 9, former ER/NICU/PICU/Peds nurse, now M.Ed. Spec Ed, anti-vax, off grid lover, Christ follower, won't tolerate BS...

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We take ivermectin every 4 days, we started this a whole year before the pandemic. We use for treating chronic Lyme disease and other tick cohorts that came with the Lyme...

Never once got Covid, haven't been sick for 4 years either ;) Has its benefits.

For those looking for ivermectin, you can order it from Vet Supply companies online. Buy pure ivermectin (there is another called Normectin and others that have additional meds you don't want). I buy it in a 500 ml bottle, one bottle lasts my family of 8 a year. We take 1-1.5cc per dose.

If you want the pill form, go online and look for pharmacies based in Canada or India. 90% of our meds, that we get from our local pharmacy, come from India or China. 10% of our meds we make here from ingredients from China or same thing. They are 100% safe. Pill form used to be cheap, now it is pricey as they can't meet demand for it. But you can get pill form that way. Message me for names of pharmacies I use.

I went to the manager of the Walgreens and I asked him what happened,” said Gitelman. “And he was like almost shaking, he was really nervous and upset and he just said ‘we have a staff shortage.”


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that’s awesome! Here in TN it is available but chain pharmacies wont sell it. working with an independent pharmacy is the way to go.


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