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In response Odis Trull to his Publication

I agree with you Odis.
The opioid crisis has gotten so bad that many pharmacies like Walgreens ( in some places) give Naloxone (Narcan spray) for free.
Cops and firefighters all have to carry it just in case of Fentanyl exposure.

Deputy Exposed To Fentanyl Nearly Dies - YouTube

A firsthand video account shows the street drug is so powerful that just standing in close proximity can be deadly. CBS2's Jessica Moore reports.

Microfilm cameras are high precision cameras which were used in industry and administration for long-term preservation of construction plans and documents, or simply to resolve lack of space in paper archives. Even computer data had been transferred onto microfilm to fulfil administrative document preservation policies. The developed document photographs are called microfiches - if on flat sheet film, or microfilm when on film rolls. For pharmacies and other businesses product catalogues on microfiche or film were popular. Microfiche readers looked a little bit like computer monitors. Microfilm cameras for big archiving projects must be photographic machines that allow high exposure frequencies.

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MEXICO πŸ‡²πŸ‡½ The attacks expanded to Guadalajara metro, escalating into bombing and burning stores, gas stations, pharmacies, and blocking highways and streets.

Here, a car is set on fire.

In response Phantom Virus2020 to her Publication

I think I will email this to the local pharmacies in my area.

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Father Speaks to Pharmacist After His Son was Diagnosed with#Myocarditis Caused
Covid "Vaccine"

EVERY#covid "Vaccine" is a#BIOWEAPON


#covidvaccine BIOWEAPONS
> Manufacturing#bioweapons
"Health" Departments at EVERY level: City, County & State

DESTROY and DELETE the#DeepStateCabal

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The medical profession, in many ways, is teetering on the edge of losing all credibility in the eyes of the public with their silence and allegiance to the System. The damage done is just getting started. Once the public knows the truth, God help protect those that should be protected. We know how delusional liberals are going to react when they realize they've been injected with a bioweapon. Pure emotion. Hospitals and pharmacies may not be the safest places during that time.

Truth speaking requires strength and discernment. You've lost your edge when name calling and insults enter the conversation.

In response Mr. Deeds to his Publication

This guy is saying and doing what we ALL should be doing with these stinking greedy pharmacies!! i feel so bad for this guy and his family. He's hurting so much and yet he is doing something about it besides flopping on his back and taking it. Go Canada!!!

I love politics and sports. Justice and objectivity should always come first.

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In response Rob Hegler to his Publication

Contact Americas Frontline Doctors. You can get an online appointment and talk to thrm. They prescribe Ivermectin and other meds and if your local pharmacies wont fill the IVM they will overnight it. If shes in the hospital you are going to have to get her the IVM on the sly, like through a rolled up pair of socks or a blanket. Refuse Remdesivir.
Good luck and God bless.

In response Vincent Kennedy⍟ to his Publication

Game-changer! Search for functional medicine practitioners in your area. Bioidentical hormones are extremely helpful - I've been on them for quite some time. 'Commensurate with physiology... these naturally-balancing hormones will yield much improvement. Check with compounding pharmacies - they should have list of knowledgeable doctors to help. - buy the branded and generic drugs. is a pharmaceutical e-marketplace availed by many International Pharmacies to sell and patients around the world to buy the branded and generic drugs for critical diseases like Cancer, AIDS/HIV, Chronic Kidney Disease CKD/Anemia, COPD, Diabetes, Hepatitis, Osteoporosis.

Hello #Patriots! I am the same Intercessor from Twitter. Was united with 26000+ of you #Patriots there! #BendedKnee #SOPT17 #WWG1WGA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

#BigPharma paid kick backs to pharmacies and Doctors. .

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The#covid#vaccine Plot


> Manufacturing a#BIOWEAPON
"Health" Departments at EVERY level: City, County & State

>>> DESTROY and DELETE the#DeepStateCabal

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We should make a huge poster of this & place on ALL pharmacies & businesses

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😑 ALERT! Paxlovid "IS" same as the Vax & BidObama is
allowing pharmacies to hand it out... W?OUT A SCRIPT!!

It is ALSO NOT APPROVED but experimantal BUT

They're trying to Scare ALL Seniors & Southerners Into taking it!

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