It's a COLORado Revolution! Green and Orange... Damn

Tuesday is Colorado's Primary....


Our Open Primaries allow Unaffiliated Voters to cast a ballot in either the Republican or Democratic Primary.

The above Return Envelopes are different colors, allowing election workers or postal workers to differentiate between voters.

The Orange Envelope is for Republican Primary Voters.

The Green Envelope is for Unaffiliated Primary Voter's.

Someone who wants to rig the election for Unaffiliated Voters only needs to toss Orange Envelopes.

Not to mention, Colorado has been inundated with ads targeting Unaffiliated Voters.

Does this seem fishy to you?

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"A grown man wearing only underwear and a pair of work boots twerked for children as he took part in the “family friendly” parade portion of the Twin Cities Pride Festival, which also featured pro-BLM Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, Democrat Senator Amy Klobuchar, and other left-wing politicians of Minnesota.

Minnesota Pride made its return over the weekend after a two-year hiatus, shut down thanks to the COVID-19 restrictions put in place by the same elected Democrats that took part in this year’s festivities. While those politicians installed draconian measures that shut down the 2020 and 2021 pride events, they permitted and even personally participated in BLM demonstrations and riots over the same time period, before BLM and the LGBT lobby appeared to publicly merge, adding black and brown stripes to the gay pride flag and making far-left race politics a central theme of pride month celebrations."

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"The Court blocked a ruling by Obama-appointed judge Shelley Dick, in which she declared that Louisiana’s updated congressional maps must include a second majority-minority district. The Louisiana legislature had drawn a new map that kept the state at one majority-minority district, which is currently represented in U.S. House by Congressman Troy Carter.

Dick’s ruling utilized an interpretation of the Voting Rights Act that demanded a second majority-minority district. Activist groups had argued that because the state is one-third African-American, then one-third of the state’s six congressional districts must be majority-minority.

State Republicans argued that the Voting Rights Act prevents drawing congressional districts favoring one class or race over another."

Supreme Court Blocks Lower Court Order to Redraw Louisiana Congressional Maps

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Should city governments dictate where you can shop for food? If your neighbors see a need for a store, and happily patronize it, should outsiders shut down that option?

The people who actually shop at dollar stores love them. The most frequent customers are seniors on fixed incomes, cash-strapped students, and busy parents. If you don’t have a car or access to public transit, there’s probably one within five miles of your house. If you drive, there’s a dollar store on your way to just about anywhere.

Relatively wealthy dollar store detractors exhibit the obliviousness of an out-of-touch aristocracy. According to legend, Marie Antoinette, queen of France, when told that her subjects were going hungry for want of bread, responded blithely, “Let them eat cake.”

Now, politicians and middle-class activists seek to ban sources of $1 bread with an unspoken, “Let them eat Whole Foods.”

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"The new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 50% of Likely U.S. voters approve of the Supreme Court abortion ruling, including 38% who Strongly Approve of the decision. Some 45% disapprove of the Supreme Court’s new ruling, including 38% who Strongly Disapprove.

Among Republican voters, 75% approve of the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade and just 20% disapprove. Seventy-one percent (71%) of Democrats disapprove of the Supreme Court abortion ruling, but 25% approve.

Voters not affiliated with either major party are more closely divided, with 53% approving the court’s decision returning abortion to states and 42% disapproving."

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When I was young (in the days of dinner table conversations), the adults were discussing a dirty politician. My grandfather said, "If they'd bring back public hangings this mess would stop."

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"This begs the question of why they are not seeking the decolonization of the United States. After all, the country was literally founded by the successors of white colonists who had crossed an ocean to violently seize the territory from its indigenous people.

While the conference speakers, who can be listened to here, used the current crisis in Ukraine as a jumping off point, they demanded that the Russian Federation “decolonizes” from regions and republics which have been governed by Moscow since the 16th Century (e.g. Siberia and Tatarstan) and others going back to the early 1800’s (e.g. Chechnya).

This is, of course, tantamount to calling upon the US to relinquish nearly all of its territory from the Atlantic to Pacific, not to mention more recent holdings such as Hawaii."

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At this point, what type of bees exactly got out? or to what purpose did this happen, like the monkeys getting out on the highway and now we see monkey pox? Mentioned in a Europe publication?

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"The California Department of Justice’s 2022 Firearms Dashboard Portal went live on Monday with publicly-accessible files that include identifying information for those who have concealed carry permits. The leaked information includes the person’s full name, home address, date of birth, and date their permit was issued. The data also shows the type of permit issued, indicating if the permit holder is a member of law enforcement or a judge.

The Reload reviewed a copy of the Lost Angeles County database and found 244 judge permits listed in the database. The files included the home addresses, full names, and dates of birth for all of them. The same was true for seven custodial officers, 63 people with a place of employment permit, and 420 reserve officers.

2,891 people in Los Angeles County with standard licenses also had their information compromised by the leak, though the database appears to include some duplicate entries as well."

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"The ‘Left Coast’ is widely regarded as a Democrat stronghold, but Democratic advertising spending could signal a potential change in the 2022 midterm elections.

Less than a year ago, a GOP victory in deep-blue Washington state would have been unimaginable.

However, the unprecedented disaster of our current Democrat-led White House and Congress has given Republicans a momentum boost in the Democrat backyard.

Democrats are reportedly spending millions of advertising dollars in western states typically seen as comfortably blue in recent elections, including Washington state."

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