Magnificent Bliss @MagnificentBliss
26 February, 06:25
[World -Landmark Lawsuit- Posted on Feb 08, 2019, 7 p.m.]

[Del Bigtree and RFK Jr. have been credited for the 2018 landmark lawsuit victory in which the demand for relevant government
documents proving that all federally approved vaccines had been tested for quality and safety over the past 32 years be presented had not been met in a court of law.]

[The court case has revealed that there has been no quality control over vaccines that have been manufactured by Big Pharma over
the past three decades. There are legal and practical implications for this legal victory for American citizens, and it means that the American people have been lied to for 32 years about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines. The five healthcare agencies now in doubt for complicit and neglect of doing their jobs are the CDC, FDA, IOM, NIH, and DHHS itself as a result.]

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Laura -VS @lachacquitamama
25 February, 03:37

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Trump Girl @DownSouthScotMichelle
25 February, 01:28

You have got to read this paper from the NIH.

They are going full disclosure on the Covid Jabs.

If you're pressed for time just read the abstract and the conclusion i have attached.

There are numerous Covid conspiracy theories proven correct in this paper. 💥

i.e. The Vaccines produced and distributed worldwide were not even the ones trialled.


Check in on your vaxxie friends. They are gonna need a conspiracy theorist around them to make sense of all of this.

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Juris Prudence Civilis @corpus
24 February, 09:35

The Legal system in the United States (the judiciary) is directly controlled by the Templar Crown Temple from within the independent and sovereign City of London.
The Federal Reserve, however, is financially owned and controlled by the Templar Crown of Switzerland which also controls the Bank of England and the Central Banking network.

The banking system is administered by the House Rothschild, who are the current court financiers on behalf of the Phaoronic Court Royal Houses
From this wizardry specific to the House Rothschild claiming Hebrew ancestry, they have been successful in coercing international Jewry to congregate in the Islamic world with a well crafted plan to annihilate a group of people, the Jews, that could become a potent enemy to the Phaoronic elite, if they ever worked out the ritual carried out by them, the act of circumcision, was the trap that has kept them as Egypt’s slaves


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Earth Alliance @Hampata
23 February, 10:03
Donald J. Trump Office LIVE, 💧[23.2.2024 г. 10:10]💧
Atheism is a necessary consequence of nihilism 👀

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