Angels Here -Z donated @SirHuckleberry
20 March, 01:03
Good morning Patriots!

We all deal with what life deals us and the consequences as well of our own choices, but the good news is that God NEVER leaves us.

Lean into God when times are bad and when times are good.

Keep your thoughts focused on positive Godly things.
Don't allow satan to keep your thoughts on negatives and destruction. That is how he has used our manifesting powers our entire life to this time.

Now we know our God given power.
We ARE Fractal pieces of God and he has given us the power together to overcome satan's evil plan.
Stay united in service to God and love for your fellow man.

God will be with us no matter what happens in these Earth suits.
NEVER doubt the power of God and the power of God WITHIN YOU!
It is no coincidence that you are right here right now!
Step into your God given power!
TRUST GOD IS WORKING | God Has Not Forgotten You - Inspirational & Motivational Video - YouTube

Have you been waiting so long that you feel God has forgotten you? Sometimes it feels like God is never going to come through. But God hears your prayers and...

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Laurie Sunshine @HeavenlySunshine2022
20 March, 12:58
From TheStormHasArrived17 on TG

Whether or not DJT is indicted, the narrative will only benefit him.

Watch this clip of Mark Levin and imagine listening to this from the perspective of your average American watching the news on Sunday morning.

You know the type that says “I like Trump’s policies but I don’t like his personality”? You can throw that crap out the window if he is indicted. Anyone with common sense will stand behind Trump if they arrest him.

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Bee Bee @BxAx17
20 March, 12:12
Good morning AU ☀️

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Age of Enlightenment @Sparrows
20 March, 12:10
Two new baby Angus calves. ❤️ Female born 👍🏻 afternoon and male born after sunrise this morning.
Female- Spring
Male - Equinox

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Ice Kates donated @IceKates
20 March, 11:45
Good morning and happy MAGA Monday!
May today be a deep blue kinda CALM.

Sending you a piece of our Oregon peace.
Crater Lake National Park In Oregon, USA

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