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In response Nikilas Graves to his Publication

I'm 51 and my youngest two ate 12 and 15. I'm also in Michigan and the lack of respect I see from that generation is outrageous and disgusting. The schools are teaching them trash, they are all for Biden, for masks.....I'm glad they see the truth in the vaccine. trimg daily to get through to them

Researcher at heart. I take lots of pics. Shit talking truth is a new hobby. I enjoy obliterating evil. instagram.com/kristin.morgan

Come on. We know it's been about the kids the whole time. Now this. They just gave the go ahead to poke the kids so.. gotta push the fear now..

IDIOT: Michael Moore Demands Governor Gretchen Whitmer Shut Down All Of Michigan Again
By Mike LaChance
Published April 14, 2021 at 6:12 am

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Michigan State University promoting full blown segregation.'

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