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In response Vincent Kennedy⍟ to his Publication

the dread feds boys in masks gang

“The Light Shines In The Darkness, And The Dark Has Not Overcome It” - John 1:5 WWG1WGA GodWon MAGA FamilyIsEverything

Masks are coming off….anon profiles ain’t gonna cut it as shit is getting REAL

✨ UNMASKED ✨ UNVAXXED ✨ UNAFRAID ✨ UNAPOLOGETIC ✨ UNGOVERNABLE ✨ Patriot. Christian. Deplorable. PureBlood. JesusIsKing!

The CIA and many other entities use full-on facial masks that are extremely realistic these days and people are fooled by them everyday. But sometimes there are flaws or malfunctions and we've seen a few with Biden. LOL. One thing that comes to mind is I've heard it said that 3 different people play Mark Zuckerberg with masks. Hmmm...we live in the Twilight Zone for sure! 🥴 🤡 🙃 🤨

In response Hope Always888 to her Publication

We live in clone-ville
Rubber masks
the Queen was dead for years
the Pope is dead
but the MSM report that they’re still around.
So you might read Klaus is in DC but... 🤷‍♀️

Looking forward to the day we heal our wounds and live in Peace,Love and Unity as we were meant to. Watching... Watching... Watching...

They call people 'patriots' only when they're up to no good. But of course we know none of us wear masks nor would we incite violence. More and more people are seeing this.

Short video

Digital Warrior who took the Oath! Retired Caretaker of 3 Dogs! Beloved Father in Heaven, Deliver us from The Evil One!

The FBI just needs to STOP doing this!
Patriots don't play like Antifa. Idiots.

Johnny Midnight

Lol 😂 Definitely Feds, Patriots don’t stand around like this with masks on for Photos! What a joke.

Of course they are! After wearing oxygen depriving, chemical laden masks for 2 years, lungs will be weaker. After taking an experimental mRNA that skipped (because all the animals died whenever tested) many have compromised immunity. "Turbo cancer", "myocarditis", "blot clots" ....... on and on




1st QtheGathering was April 13-17, Easter! Supporter of Q& Q+,Vets, Family& Soul Tribe Vibes! Gratitude & Love for God, Jesus, Mother Mary

⌚ T̨͈͗̌ͥr̴̨̦͕̝ư̡͕̭̇ḿ̬̏ͤͅp̞̈͑̚͞s̠҉͍͊ͅ W̯ͤ̾ͣ͝o̯̱̊͊͢r̴̨̦͕̝l̙͖̑̾ͣḑ̴̞͛̒ 2024 -⒄ #𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐀 ➊➐➐➏ ╰┈➤ CheckMate .·:*¨༺ #𝕎𝕎𝔾𝟙𝕎𝕎𝔸 ༻¨*:·.

Mount Semeru, Indonesia's highest volcano, erupted on Sunday spewing ash nine miles into the air and forcing local authorities to evacuate almost 2,000 people from nearby villages. Indonesia’s disaster mitigation agency (BNPB) said masks had also been distributed to people in affected areas. The volcano, which lies 400 miles east of Java, last erupted in December 2021, killing more than 50 people and displacing thousands.

Indonesia's Semeru volcano eruption triggers mass evacuations - YouTube

Mount Semeru, Indonesia's highest volcano, erupted on Sunday spewing ash nine miles (15 kilometres) into the air and forcing local authorities to evacuate al...

Prayer Warrior, Grammy, Q & the Word of God! 🇺🇸Donald J Trump is STILL the President!!🇺🇸 #MAGA #MIGA #JerusalemUndivided

“You shall know the truth and the TRUTH will set you free.” - John 8:32 ❤️🌎☮️

"Master of Disguise" JFK, Jr. and the many faces of John John "Master Q" is playing so many roles on this movie... Juan O Savin, Professor David K Clements, John Durham (Sr & Jr), Alan Parrot, Vincent Fusca (1 of 3), Cowboy at rallies, Santa Clause at one rally, Steve Bannon, Kim Clement (before he “died”), Trey Smith (theologian), John Galt (secret service guy), John McAfee, Vincent Kennedy, 4VKM (, Mike Lindell, "Anonymous" (1 of many of the GOOD ones), possibly Mr. Dez. even more roles over these past 23+ years -#107 (Other people play Juan, too sometimes) Voice Modulators - Cool Masks - Stage Makeup

Waiting for the Trump card... ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Supporting General Flynn...

From Election Wizard on Telegram...

"Not Even N95 Masks Work To Stop Covid"

Born a rebel, mom of 9, former ER/NICU/PICU/Peds nurse, now M.Ed. Spec Ed, anti-vax, off grid lover, Christ follower, won't tolerate BS...

Legit question. What happens next?

Food shortages aren't going to go away because truth is coming out. 2023 is going to be a bad, hungry year for many people here in the US and around the will take a decade to build up the beef industry alone.

Fuel shortages and high prices won't go away soon - it takes time for the US to get production going and open the pipeline, hire workers, etc. And that's IF we get a good president in in 2023.

Medical care is in the toilet and still centered around wearing masks and getting tested...they won't listen to the new and improved, updated version of scientific findings on Covid until legally forced to...and legal always means lengthy.

The unpredictability of vaxxed people finding out they are the walking dead and reacting badly to the news...that is to be anticipated, prepared for, and pray that their actions aren't as bad as it could be. And what about the high number of orphans with those vax jabs kick in?

Politics AND reali

🙏🙏🙏. Dedicated to Truth wherever it leads...😎

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