Laurie Sunshine @HeavenlySunshine2022
31 July, 09:22
From QAnon+ on TG


To all pedophiles and those who enabled crimes against children, this is what General Flynn tweeted on 7/20/23:

“You psychopath pedophiles and you who enable these horrific crimes against children (and humanity) will not get away with any of it. We are coming to get you. We will eventually find you and put you away for a long time or worse (the death penalty for those states who have the courage to deal with this horrible crime).”

Translation: We’re not just coming for the pedophiles, we’re also coming for anyone who enabled crimes against children. We won’t stop till all of you are held accountable and justice has been served. God bless General Flynn and everyone on the frontlines of this war to save the children! #pizzagate #TheFinalBattle #LastAct

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