"Whom ever is navigating these storms and waters with us, we are aboard, and on deck, because alas~ WWG1WGA"

"“A revolution is coming – a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough – but a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability.” John F Kennedy "(...)

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"Whom ever is navigating these storms and waters with us, we are aboard, and on deck, because alas~ WWG1WGA"

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🔴BANNON: They're going to use the scary new variant to push jabs for kids and two more massive stimulus packages.

ChildOfGod⛪AmericanPatriot🇺🇸FreedomFighter🗽FamilyIsEverything👪SaveTheChildren🤱DigitalSoldier 👩‍💻WWG1WGAWW🌎Florida🌴 🙏RIP Veronica❤️

🔴BANNON: They want another virus, another lock down, so they can print another massive stimulus package. They're going to double down on the virus, the boosters, the masks and the lockdowns.

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OKOK I just had the strangest experience. My mail came very late today and I just opened it. There was a soft package from NJ addressed to me at my address and feeling it I could tell it felt like a ring. I didn't order one, so I opened the package and here is a sterling silver (polished edges and brushed center) band well made ring with this on it. SUGA (a diamond chip next to that) and then 1993. 03. 09. My sister looks it up and it's some Korean singer SUGA born on 03/09/1993. Now I don't know who that is, but this ring looks like a wedding band. I check again and it is indeed addressed to me. WTH? It makes no sense to me at all.

US LEGAL resident alien, WWG1WGA, Out of Darkness into Light. Tallyho!!

In response r363l l10n to her Publication

'Bin sayin' this for 6 months now... but noone wants to hear that...

a repackaged flu with a logo does not earn any ego points...

In response The Mac to his Publication

through the formation of physical crosslinks ensued by reduction in the fraction of the free MNPs. As the crosslinking ratio was increased, the polymer network showed a tendency toward blockage of more MNPs. Effective diffusion coefficients in both particle-free hydrogels and ferrogels were obtained by measuring the release kinetics of a model compound in the absence and presence of an external low-frequency RMF. Experimental results showed that conversion of magnetic energy to kinetic energy by rotational movement of the free MNPs in a RMF escalates mass transport provided that hydrodynamically free MNPs are available within the ferrogels. The effectiveness of excitation by a RMF showed correlation with the density of free MNPs. Release experiments at constant RMF intensity and various frequencies revealed augmentation of effective diffusivities as the frequency was increased from 10 to 75 Hz.

In response The Mac to his Publication

This study investigates the response of magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs), dispersed in a viscoelastic hydrogel, to an external rotating magnetic field (RMF) for the purpose of developing a new class of magneto-responsive materials with tunable mass transport properties. Ferrogels were prepared by chemical cross-linking and polymerization of acrylamide in colloidal dispersions of thermally blocked MNPs of cobalt ferrite. Magnetization measurements of ferrogels in a swollen state revealed a transitional state from ferromagnetism to superparamagnetism through the shrinkage of hysteresis loops and the reduction of remanent magnetization. A quantitative analysis of magnetization data indicated the existence of hydrodynamically free MNPs, susceptible to Brownian relaxation along with the blocked ones. It was found through rheological analysis that inclusion of MNPs within the polymer matrix significantly alters the ferrogel's elasticity. At low chemical crosslinking ratios, MNPs improve elastic

Grocery shopping is taking longer these days. Packaged macaroni and cheese makes me cringe - is it a product of America or of China. Even Kosher has me rethinking because of the "human flesh" being used. I've rarely used canned anything - oh, except Campbell's - are they ok - where are their soups canned. Frozen foods seemed safer until now....but where are they processed.
Seriously we need to Gitmo the clown that made the decision to outsource American grown products. And who made the decision to use China for steel, for drywall, for pet products. My trust of politicians has never been high. Nancy, Chuck and Adam have totally dissolved any respect I ever had.
I'm using Pinterest now - searching for menu possibilities. Homemade is safer - well is it really? Where are the products we use to make those "possibilities". Expand Gitmo the traitor count is going up. How sad. Ordering seeds and dirt....what can they do to plants....oh wait. They wouldn't - would they?

Born in Romania Living in UK @Registered Nurse #ProLIFE #WorldWidePatriot #ProudDigitalSoldier #TrustThePlan #TrustTheMan #TrustGOD

WARNING ⚠️: Financial Disaster looms as bankers repackage at fastest rate since global crisis over decade ago❗

Investors chasing high yield to offset inflation...sounds like 2007/8... but it is happening again❗

Bloomberg reports everything from fast food franchises to fitness-center fees are being repackaged into bonds❗

So-called asset securities have already surpassed $300 billion this year, with US courts seeing large bankruptcy filings last week - making it four straight weeks at least two big firms have gone under❗

Will 2007-2009 be repeated❓


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