Righteousness 1Peter 4:12-13 The same yesterday, today and forever Hebrews 13:8 For mine eyes have seen thy salvation Luke 2:30

stop in 3⁴

Isaiah 30:10
They say to the seers: “Stop seeing your visions.” They say to the prophets: “Stop prophesying to us about what is right. Prophesy only pleasant things to us, even if they’re illusions!
Isaiah 43:18
“Stop dwelling on the past. Don’t even remember these former things.
Isaiah 58:6
Worship God in Truth
“This is the kind of fast that I desire: Remove the heavy chains of oppression! Stop exploiting your workers! Set free the crushed and mistreated! Break off every yoke of bondage!

Isaiah 58:13
“If you stop pursuing your own desires on my holy day, and refrain from disregarding the Sabbath, if you call the Sabbath a delightful pleasure and Yahweh’s holy day honorable, if you honor it properly by not chasing your own desires, serving your own interests, and speaking empty words

Smokey the bear says , only you can prevent Nephilim, I am Codfish Dan from Newfoundland

YOU FUCKING MONKEYS HAVE NO IDEA WHATS COMING, the solar flar will wipe out all who arent in line with the most high, if this is scary to you that 1/3rd of the world is aligned with Satan and will be removed from existence, then fucking just off yourself now and get it over with, cause you will be leaving here if you wanna fucking kill and rape other life forms, if your stuck on stupid like a piece of gum stuck to the floor on a movie theatre, you dont have a purpose. YOU DIDNT HEAR THE CALL. if you wanna be chaff, go ahead,, the choice is yours, im talking to the AGENTS, pick a side, its not too late to pray for your source cord, you will get one, all clones who help get CORDED, facts, you want the greatest gift there ever was clone? wanna be a real boy pinochio? join the light side, and god will give you a soul, CONNECT YOU TO THE CRYSTALINE GRID, thats possible, can satan do that? or can satan bring you illusions, light codes projected and manifested, not even real, ideas, thoughts

Each day it is necessary that we feed our bodies with food to nourish ourselves. It is also important that we feed the mind and spirit too.

The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato's Allegory
The people in the cave believe the shadows are the reality, when in fact they are only illusions of reality.
[ Are we in thave cave right now? ]


Q the Gathering April 13th-17th Supporter of Q & Q+ Family & Soul Tribe Vibes! Gratitude & Love for God & Jesus Christ!

I have met many on my path who thought their Heart Chakra was open, and that they had their heart open to Love. Opening just a little is not OPEN!!! OPEN your Heart to all the possibilities, do not set limits in Love!!! Age, Size, Weight, etc etc. They are all illusions and 3D!!! In 5D that does not matter!!!

BlueRay/Sisterhood Of Rose/Lyran GK; COBRA Ops Team to rtn GAIA to 5D+ Heaven on Earth Hz; Clocked in >175k mi of travel in 2.5 yrs; WINNING

Billions of dollars stolen to make cheap/fakery-illusions in space, and failing to perfect vids to hide their lies... 🤦‍♀️ #NaziClownOps

[Forwarded from Daniëlle (Danielle Stotijn)]
The Corona virus has given us the time to wake up to the realisation and imprisonment we have been kept enslaved in for so long.

Time to finally come to understand the collective Mind prison we have been kept in. Corona is just one of the illusions and lies you have been told by your government.

I would like to bring you back a few centuries before I can show you the connection to the now moment we are navigating.

Some questions to elude your thinking Mind, that is so caught up right now with washing your hands, that we forget to question why and where they have become dirty and with what?

Here we go:

Why was reincarnation removed from the bible centuries ago?

Why were we led to believe that there is a heaven and there is a hell?

Why are we all growing up with the conditioning of death as the end,
instead of the passing, continuing and expansion of the Soul?

Why was humanity cut off from spirituality and separated b

Serving at the Pleasure of Humanity. TRUMP #19. My Grass is Always Greener. Children are The Future. Stay in LOVE. GOD WON.




In fiction

Anthropomorphic reptilian races or beings commonly appear in fantasy and science fiction. They can be based on various reptiles, like crocodiles, alligators, snakes, dinosaurs, and the fictional dragons. They are often depicted as powerful warriors, though their relative intelligence to humans varies – as with other anthropomorphic races, a greater resemblance to humans often denotes more "civilized" behavior.

The Serpent Men, reptilian humanoids who can project illusions of human form, appeared as villains throughout Robert E. Howard's King Kull stories starting in 1929 as well as in the linked Cthulhu Mythos. Edgar Rice Burroughs' Pellucidar series featured primitive dinosaur-descended humanoids living in the Hollow Earth called the Horibs

Two Sisters spreading Red Pill Domestic and International News on God's Great Liberty; The Gospel with humor and Christian principles.

.. If you don't hold, it you don't own it. The people are in rebellion to God commandments not to steal. But also James 5 . God demands honest weights and balances, real silver, real gold. Or he will cook you like barbecue. Gold Backed, Fiat paper, cryptos, are all, of course illusions, spells, con games. Magic tricks. Malachi 3
Malachi 2 talks about having a covenant with strange gods. "marriage" to women who have strange gods. A few verses down talks about the covenant with the wife of your youth. That would be a covenant with God in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The Founding Fathers, We need to love and Highly respect them. (Malachi 4 turn the hearts of the children towards their Fathers. God hates divorce. Or switching gods or making a new covenant with sorcerers, wizards...The Federal Reserve. America has her own money, her own US MINT.... That is our covenant with God. We swore with an oath, to the death, to only use gold and silver coins. N

1/2: No I will not be your slave! No I will not bow down meekly to your demands! No I will not wear your mask! No I will not close my business! No I will not take your experimental jab!

You are part of a band of warriors coming forward now that are able to see through the veil of illusions and will no longer comply with your own enslavement. Now is the time to reclaim your sovereignty. You must break free from the mindset that you are small and insignificant. You are only made to feel powerless, hopeless and helpless. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

You are a microcosm of the entire universe. You have access to an unlimited source of knowledge, wisdom and strength, which is always there should you simply reach inside and grasp it. The power has been with you along, but you gave it away because we didn’t know its worth.

When enough of us wake up to our divinity, reclaim our power and come together in unity, we become a force to be reckoned with.


I can't log in to my account. Have had to start again. Fresh. This site is incredible

In response Richard Simpleton to his Publication

I remember when I was under the illusions of the movement...

how convincing everyone was...

We are multidimensional Beings living in an infinite Universe. We are powerful Co-creators! NO Fear! NO news here unless it's Uplifting!

In response Mikkee Writelikeitis to her Publication

Maybe re-read this.
This states what fear is and hopefully helps others see through the illusions.

Know that Fear is an illusion!
Important to not give it energy!

I no longer choose to particpate in the programmed belief systems of my ego structure nor the be involved in the illusions imposed upon this world. I choose to be in direct communion with God creating my sovereign reality.

There is nothing more beautiful than the way the Oceane refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it is sent away. +🌊

No mirror or illusions,
just, "welcome please come on in, let's relax and hang out enjoy the sunshine, smell the flowers, try the veggies and fruit too! 😊

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"La vérité vous libérera, mais d'abord elle peut vous énerver.
La vérité vaincra les mensonges !
La plupart des gens ne veulent pas entendre la vérité parce qu'ils ne veulent pas que leurs illusions soient détruites, mais la vérité prévaut toujours, car elle est la plus puissante de tous"#wakeUp

Love is the answer, Jesus is the way 🤍 Love&Light 🤍

In response Stephanie Foster to his Publication

He sure is! I still had some faith in “good guys” helping us through this. God shattered those illusions for me yesterday. I dusted myself off and am feeling stronger than ever today. My heart hurts for everything to come, but my foundation is stronger than ever! He’s definitely not playing anymore!

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