Awake Elf @Awake_Elf
08 December, 08:12
Feeling this so much, this time of year is hard enough but having my life threatened by psycho neighbour (again and again) and living in fear is making it all impossible to even want to bother any more.

If it wasnt for my son, Id just check out.

One powerball is the miracle I need to escape, as I have tried all other options to get out of this place, cops do NOTHING - 6+ years of this stress and Im exhausted since its been one year since its gotten insane.
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Robert Wakefield @Robertauthor
08 December, 07:32
Caving like all the rest

He was a slow starter then he did good

And now we wait !

Insane following all this I might be wrong but post stuff as it unfolds

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Tara Jasper @Tarauncg
08 December, 06:12
People don’t want to change. They are comfortable where they are. I’ve recently heard someone say “I’ve been doing it my whole life and if I enjoy something I’m going to have it.”

I mean… could still have it but without human remains snuck in please.

How can anyone not want to change a behavior when you hear truths?

We’ve all done things wrong or nasty. All we can do is learn and move on and do differently. But….. to NOT want to at least think, research or change when you hear HUMAN REMAINS are snuck in our food is absolutely insane (and disgusting.) OMG

Maybe this person believes I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist still but to not even be interested? Why wouldn’t they get mad or at least also ask why isn’t it made without them?🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

All we can do is love them anyway!….. but fight behind the scenes to stop allowing human or animal remains in our food.

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Anthony Michau18 @AnthonyMichau18
08 December, 01:47
These people are insane..............



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Truth Seeker @JacksRule
07 December, 09:20

It is confirmed... Israel for some reason stepped down and let them raid them.
The new world order is behind all of this the WEF and the UN.....
And now Biden today said "If US Congress doesn't ok 165 billion dollars to Ukraine then we will go to war with Russia and put our own troops in harms way.
Threat of nuclear world war three.... Why would any young person sign up for a positive death.... Either biological synthetic vaccines or nuclear war with an insane head of military that is letting the New World Order terrorist over throw our Constitution(s). If we can't secure our boarder first why go to assist in securing Ukraine's boarder for NATO?

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