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🔴 Mind Boggling Historical Truth: The Papal Hierarchy ‼️

🔶Mind Boggling Historical Truth

🔶The Papal Hierarchy
🔶Jesuitism is the most absolute kind of despotism
🔶The Knights of Malta and the Jesuits work together!
🔶Hegelian synthesis of Communism versus Capitalism
🔶The One Thing That Truly Matters
🔶The Jesuits are in control of most of the multinationals


I'm watching the movie of a lifetime, and I'm staying until the end! 🇺🇸 WWG1WGA

Georgia election was the last straw. It was then that I knew without a shadow of a doubt that the whole fucking system was bullshit.

Explain the 15 hours of sunlight in December in New Zealand. Explain how the sun rises in the southeast and sets in the southwest in New Zealand in December. Explain this photo.

Okay, so the half-mast flag is for (gag) Colin Powell. Probably nothing other than that.

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Well, that won't be hard never did.

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BREAKING: Joe Manchin telling colleagues he is considering leaving the Democrat Party to become Independent

Imagine the New World Coming. Love our Boss DJT. The Mission was always about the Children.

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You have to make your own conclusions fren.

Im not sure? Searching.. trying to figure out whats going on?

Retired Law Enforcement-30 years-Military Background-Married 42 years-Christian

Retired Law Enforcement-30 years-Military Background-Married 42 years-Christian

President (Trump) will be back "IN" the White House! I follow every one! I got Suspended @ Twatter and they won't let me delete my

We are in 1984 right now!

Retired Law Enforcement-30 years-Military Background-Married 42 years-Christian

Im a proud digital soldier, Father, Husband and Trump PATRIOT. I love our country and all of our PATRIOTS! WWG1WGA!! TRUMP/17🇺🇸2021

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Wow....when this is all may need to be hospitalized. I would stop looking at crap on the internet and actually use some critical thinking and research before you start stating things as facts with nithing to show but your oppinion....FACT!

Retired Law Enforcement-30 years-Military Background-Married 42 years-Christian

Posted by Praying Medic:

Fired WSU football coach suing school over illegal termination

Former Washington State University head football coach Nick Rolovich is suing the university for illegal termination stemming from his COVID-19 vaccination status.

Rolovich's attorney Brian Fahling told ESPN in a statement Wednesday that his client applied for a religious exemption based on his Catholic beliefs, but that it was denied by the university.

"It came after Coach Rolovich's request for a religious exemption from the vaccine was denied by the University," Fahling said in his statement. "The institution also indicated that even if the exemption had been granted, no accommodations would have been made."

"As a result, Coach Rolovich will be taking legal action against Washington State University, and all parties responsible for his illegal termination."

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