Disclosure Library @DisclosureLibrary
08 June, 06:54
I told you years ago as Spock Odyssey and later Collectiblezity they threatened me on facebook and twitter. They wanted to buy me of with money if i became part of them, these f**K**S are all Nazi's connected now as Disclosure Library.

This granite monument was erected circa 1980-81. 40 years ago. All one needs to do is study the tenets written in granite here and you know precisely what the Elite Cabal, UN, and all the puppets attached to the game are working towards. NONE of it is good for any of us "common folks" especially when you see how these goals are worded. Nothing hidden, nothing left unexplained or left to imagination, very clearly one can see without a doubt the why where and how. F**K THEM! #HANGEMALL #CrimesAgainstHumanity #MAGA #MEGA

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