Kat istheSea3 donated @KatistheSea3
01 April, 11:50
💰 Offer my blog with the latest update
on the Quantum Financial System
& the MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGH that happened
a few days ago:

💸 Q Team were finally able to interface
the thousands of years ahead off-world tech QFS
with the older Legacy Banking system of Earth.

If you want to know what has taken so long
to get to the GCR & RV this is the blog for you.

If you want to know what's going on with
- A total Earth Blackout (there won't be one)
- EBS (that's a go with essential global Disclosure)
- Gitmo, Military Tribunals, arrests
-209 countries & Territories signed up for NESARA / GESARA in 2018
-Don't worry if banks collapse your account already mirrored in the QFS
-Debts forgiven & compensation for what you've lost
-EVERYONE will be in a far far better position than you've ever dreamt of in a few weeks 🎉



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Kat istheSea3 donated @KatistheSea3
05 March, 12:14
An essential part of this war has been MONEY
& defeating the bloodline banking demons
that have controlled Humanity for eons
with usury & lack.

💵 Lincoln issued bloodline-free currency, “Greenbacks”
& was assassinated for it.

💸 JFK was going to implement bloodline-free currency
with EO 11110 & was assassinated for it.

Saddam Hussein/Iraq
Muammar Gaddafi/Libya
1938 Germany
were each getting rid of the Rothschild central bankers.

💰 Putin HAS got rid of Rothschild banks
gone to the gold-standard
& the DS are throwing the book at him.

In KID BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, Juan O Savin wrote:
“When we look at the “Q” project
the central focal point of the whole op
is to reverse the effects of the coup
that occurred at the killing of JFK..
It’s also about removing
the sharp teeth of these money monsters;
getting their fangs out of us as a country
that is being bled dry by vampires
as they take the wealth of out America.”


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