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25 March, 10:47
Chants of "MACRON RESIGN" ringing around the Stade De France at 49mins 3 secs last night.
https://t.me/DisclosureLib... [all vids]

Over a million protesters call for “Macron the Dictator” to be removed. Why? Macron used an emergency law to impose reform without input from the Senate / Parliament. Macron used this tool 11 times in a year. The French are fed up with this abuse of power.

Paris is drowning in trash.

🇫🇷 France: Anti-pension reforms 🔥 Breathtaking scenes 🔥 People against police.
France protests: Violence escalates in Paris between demonstrators and police
Source: Global News

Paris, France 🇫🇷
Brutal police state enforcement.
This is not civilized society. It’s the clampdown of civilized protesting.
#FranceProtests #Paris #Macron #lockhimup
France police beating a women.

France Previous
https://t.me/DisclosureLib... [incl. Macron]

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