LIBERTY JUSTICE4ALL donated @LibertyNJustice4All
01 April, 10:41
The bringer of STORMs & change to LIBERATE humanity even w/ scariest of the recent storms all across her majestic system here in USA. The Q team above knows where the targets are at in all of these climatic changes. We the blue rays clear the path (Hz battle/hunters of the dark witches/vampires) for the rest of the crew on the move to anchor in the codes & rainbow ships in tornados/lightning storms. NOTHING/NO ONE can stop the FINAL Rapture events by frontline W&W.

I know many think it's still [their] HAARP, WE are the NEW EARTH 'haarp' on the move, the grid crew anchoring conduits, TESLA-Grid crew. VIP was where yesterday, b4 all the storms (same w/ VK, bz team BTS); & I was out & abt yesterday to co-anchor on 33rd w/ the team on the move, to help w/ intense codes coming in for the storms to dissolve the SRA embedded in those other areas, archons/ghouls still attach & cntrl avatars of normies/liberals causing havoc.

What is the Event? - YouTube

This is a video I made that includes information from articles from my blog that I wrote that I learned from other sources:

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