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Tens of thousands have been photographed with that socialite whore. It alone doesn't mean anything. Share the dish on how CRUEL kamala was as a DA, especially to black people. Dirt on her like how she opposed to allow for DNA evidence that would have freed an innocent man from death row. She also kept inmates in past their release dates to get more free labor for the state. She is a modern day. slave master.

Please watch this short video. Put the Spotlight on the Senate before ballots & machines are moved. Help us share & email, even if you aren't in AZ.

Video will show more points, these are main ones:

1. Has the Senate reviewed video footage from when the Board moved ballots from the vault and onto trucks, & video of who put shredded ballots in the dumpster?
2. What potential evidence is lost if you do not conduct the audit at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center? What are you unable to move & what is compromised when you do?
3. Why put the potential evidence & people at risk by giving bad actors an opportunity to interfere and disrupt?
4. Dominion office inside MCTEC? Were they there in 2020?
5. Irregular Ballots
6. Clarify Statement of Work. It does not include Kinematic Artifact Scanning Tech. Will that be conducted on all/100%?
7. Runbeck Election Services

See this Post for the Email Template & Link to Email/Phone:


In response P.Q.Anon PCP to her Publication

It's possible. Those researching the last great reset/Tartaria/Mud flood, say he was in on THAT, however, it never made sense to me as the reset of his day, left him un-acknowledged, imprisoned and broke. For those who know nothing of this, we HAD free energy not long ago, close enough in History that there are photos of cities and towns with the antennas on the roof tops that captured it. I think what is now only starting to come out about Tesla is for our awakening. Energy was free and he was great with the tech for it and more. He thought it should be free. I believe he resisted the reset plans and that's why they treated him so poorly. The last reset they decided to squash the free energy and put in place a system whereby we had to pay them for it- JP Morgan, etc. Did Tesla Time Travel to mess up their plans for the 2020 Reset and bring free energy back to us? I hope so and that would make him the top Q huh? So much evidence for it when you start searching.

Born in Romania Living in UK @Registered Nurse #ProLIFE #WorldWidePatriot #ProudDigitalSoldier #TrustThePlan #TrustTheMan #TrustGOD



💥 VEHICLES SIMPLY DISAPPEAR ....evidence of large portal..along with rows of pyramids ...

🔴🔴🔴 THIS War effort is not what it seems ... 🔴🔴🔴

Im terribly sorry if u dont like my harsh honesty. But I dont like your sugar coated bullshit either!✝️ArmyWife:Mom:Mamma:FreeSpirit♒:45

🚨Pro Shop Manager at Flyers Skate Zone Arrested, Charged With Child Pornography🚨

🔹Brian J. Lusardi, 48, Glendora, NJ, was charged with one count of second-degree Distribution of Child Pornography, one count of third-degree Possession of Child Pornography.
🔹Lusardi has been employed since July 2016 as manager of the Gear Zone, a pro shop that offers hockey equipment, at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees.
🔹A tip from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children led to the initiation of a child pornography investigation. A search warrant of Lusardi's residence was executed, detectives seized multiple electronic devices from the home. The devices are being sent to the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office High Tech Crimes Unit forensic lab to be analyzed for additional evidence.

Im terribly sorry if u dont like my harsh honesty. But I dont like your sugar coated bullshit either!✝️ArmyWife:Mom:Mamma:FreeSpirit♒:45

Indianapolis -- Police scoured a Fedex facility in Indianapolis and interviewed scores of witnesses Friday in search of a motive for the latest mass shooting to rock the U.S., as family members of the eight victims spent agonizing hours waiting for word on their loved ones.

Authorities have identified the suspect in the shooting at an Indianapolis FedEx facility as 19-year-old Brandon Scott Hole of Indiana. Two law enforcement officials briefed on the matter provided the identity to The Associated Press.

The investigators are searching a home in Indianapolis associated with Hole and have seized evidence, including desktop computers and other electronic media, the officials said. The officials could not discuss the matter publicly and spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity.

The shooting Thursday night left eight people dead and several wounded.

Lover of my God, My Jesus, My Holy Spirit, my family and my country

This is happening in Canada...They have ZERO scientific proof, but will jail a Pastor for having church services regardless.....

Canadian Patriot. Love Trump. Dark to Light. Great Awakening. Truth Sayer. God Wins! Banned from Tw*t and Fb. We will NOT be silenced.

Canadian Frontline Nurses hold world's 1st protest vs a professional body during Ontario's stay-at-home order, sharing shocking, anti-evidenced-based practices.

Nurses and front line workers have been saying for months that they have been threatened with their jobs if they speak up about the lack of pandemic, the inconsistencies in care and lack of science based evidence in this hoax! Finally many have had enough.

Im terribly sorry if u dont like my harsh honesty. But I dont like your sugar coated bullshit either!✝️ArmyWife:Mom:Mamma:FreeSpirit♒:45

NO NEW EVIDENCE: Judge rules on ongoing Chauvin trial

Amnesty has been offered to citizens or employees of the Vatican, Crown of England, churches or governments willing to give sworn testimony or evidence that leads to the prosecution of these global elites suspected of committing crimes. Rewards up to 10,000 euros or around 13,660 dollars was available through the ICLCJ court.

The ICLCJ Court had over 450 Common Law Peace Officers in 13 countries, with 51 local chartered groups operating. Local organizing funds were available for common law groups that applied through the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State.

Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

A.REDCAP 🇺🇲, [16.04.21 13:15]
[Forwarded from REDCAP NEWS 🇺🇸]

In response Corgi Corgi to her Publication

And I still think I want to be a Rolling mother fucking Stone.

When will we SEE real and true action? Good people are perishing during this entire mother fucking debacle. How about providing the evidence for ALL to see, then begin the MASS and PUBLIC arrests?

Jesus, Mary and fake Joe mother fucking Biden! End it already!

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