20 July, 12:10
🇳🇱 BREAKING | Frans Timmermans TimmermansEU
, also known as the EU’s ‘Climate Pope’, has announced his candidacy as Party Leader for the now merged Labour & Green party for the Dutch General elections this November.

If Timmermans becomes our new prime minister, I sincerely believe it will be the final blow for The Netherlands. Here’s why:

Timmermans is currently the Vice President of the European Commission, he’s the man responsible for the EU’s insane #NetZero and #greendeal policies, targeting i.a. the #Dutchfarmers . He is also known for saying “Europe will be diverse and diversity is humanity’s destiny” and that there is not going to be “even in the remotes places of this planet a place that won’t see diversity in its future”.

The man is the literal personification of globalism and champagne socialism, and he is now clearly aiming to becoming prime minister of The Netherlands; which - ironically - is a country he fundamentally aims to destroy.

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Resistance Chicks @ResistanceChicks
09 July, 11:43
EARLY LIVE SHOW! 11:40am EST #DutchGovernmentCollapses #FrenchUnrest Explained #WorldNews Report- In a major win for #Dutchfarmers , the government of #MarkRutte has collapsed. This is the same party that sought to confiscate farms across the #Netherlands . We will do a deep dive into what could be the cause of the recent unrest in France and the massive cultural divide that threatens to undermine French social cohesion. Of course, we will have the whimsical wisdom of GB News', Neil Oliver, and much more as we go around the globe to discuss the latest headlines in this week's TOP World News Stories!
Watch!!! 👇👇👇https://www.resistancechic...

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sharon pasvant @memyselfi
02 July, 06:19
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Jim Ferguson
As the Dutch farmers prepare to defend their farms, homes and livelihood's from #WEF Chairman and self appointed leader of The New World Order Klaus Schwab he has issued instructions to #Biden to prepare to seize American Farms, Ranches and food producers. John Kerry Special Presidential Envoy for #climatescam has readily agreed to implement his NetZero #WEF2030Agenda As Hard pressed American's learn about the 3000 farms being expropriated in #Holland they need to prepare as this is now heading for the US #US #Dutchfarmers




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Rompt Theodoor @oeralinda
02 May, 05:20
The EU has given the Dutch government the green light to buy out 3000 #Dutchfarmers offering them 120% of the market value, ‘incentivising’ them to sell ‘voluntary’ (if they don’t, they’ll be expropriated later).

Oh, and they won’t be allowed to start over elsewhere in the EU.

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Dales Basement @dalesbasement
25 March, 03:29

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