Shatter The Silence Warrior donated @ShatterTheSilenceWarrior
22 March, 04:39
Actress Lindsay Lohan, YouTuber Jake Paul and six other celebrities were charged by the Securities Exchange Commission for touting cryptocurrencies on social media without disclosing that they were paid to do so.

The charges come as part of a case targeting entrepreneur Justin Son for marketing Tronix and BitTorrent crypto assets without registering with the relevant authorities and for manipulating crypto trading on his platform.

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Margical ONE @IAMChristlight
17 March, 02:21

The Financial System Collapse IS FINAL Eradication of Deep State! 👇

In an era filled with cashless transactions and hundreds of cryptocurrencies, gold possesses elemental properties that has made it an ideal metal for money throughout history.

Sanat Kumar, a chemical engineer from Columbia University, broke down the periodic table to show why gold has been used as a monetary metal for thousands of years.

People have used silver as money, but it tarnishes over time. Rhodium and palladium are more recent discoveries, with limited historical uses.

Platinum and gold are the remaining elements. Platinum’s extremely high melting point would require a furnace of God to melt back in ancient times, making it impractical. This leaves us with gold. It melts at a lower temperature and is malleable, making it easy to work with.

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Law & Physics @physics171
12 March, 09:18
American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

The global financial system has been teetering on the brink of collapse for a couple of years now, thanks to the stupidity of lockdowns and business closures during the COVID-19 pandemic. But now the system is really in trouble as other factors like war, inflation, and ongoing supply chain issues put even more pressure on already weak financial institutions.

On Wednesday afternoon, the holding company of Silvergate Bank, a significant player in the world of cryptocurrencies, announced its plans to wind down operations and liquidate, Barron’s reported this week, noting that the once-stout financial giant is on its way to the ashbin of history.

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Oʼ Boy WTF @V_Anon
12 March, 03:18
MARCH 20, 2023

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Yester Vue @realyestervue
11 March, 06:28
Define = fiat money.
Then define cryptocurrencies =
and show me there is a genuine difference with no assumed, hopeful investment strategy in, truth-based, real, and genuine hard-backed proof of honest value beyond the faith of the buyers like all other fiats?
(Yeah, I know...I kicked the fucking "flake" door open....)

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