Wuhan Lab Eligible To Receive US Taxpayer Funding Thru 2024, NIH Confirms. 🇨🇳 CHIna
Operation 📎 Lives On

Well over a month has past and we have not heard any follow up on the "RV explosion" in Nashville. What were they trying to cover up? Are we really supposed to believe that this guy set off a bomb for 5G conspiracies??

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸We have just witnessed the greatest theft in the history of Not only our country but the Globe...the truth will prevail 🇺🇸🙏

The silence from President Trump tells me...HE IS IN FULL CONTROL! Enjoy the Show Patriots! 👍👊💥
i just want the hammer to drop soon..i hope the counterpunch happens soon

God/Jesus win. Trust them? You win. Trump Won and people behind the scene have Trust in God and Military. I don't know the clandestine Plan

In response Ghost Ezra to his Publication

Is Q refering to a movie produced by the dark side,we have plenty
of eveidence for this view. Also do the whitehats have an ongoing
movie to counterpunch, yes more evidence I think. And can anyone claim with proof to say they know what is coming that nothing can
stop, I say not... but it is on it's way

I come from the Big Twitter Purge #WWG1WGA #Fightback Telegram Gab PatriotMaiden

Here to be part of the Great Awakening & to support President Trump. Raising awareness on health impacts of wireless microwave radiation.

Taking on Telecom’s “5G”

Do you own a “Fifth Generation” – 5G – smartphone? The Gartner Group, a market research firm, estimates that worldwide sales will be 489 million units in 2021.

For nearly a decade, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman of the Children’s Health Defense (CHD), and others have raised serious concerns about the health impacts of 5G technology. The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) and the powerful telecommunications industry have dismissed the critics’ concerns

What they did to Gadaffi was Barbaric ... Clinton's had her hands in it again & Tony Blair another demonic parasite who went after Saddam Hussein

Mother..Veteran wife..Praying for our President, our country , and all of our children.


Patriot Conservative I will die standing before I'll live on my knees!

Video Meme and BaroQue Composer... Freedom/Truth/Liberty Buy me a CovFeFe here:

@POTUS ain't done!!!
#TheGunAtTheKnifeFight ~#Trump Roasts#HRC (Al Smith Fundraiser - OCT. 2016) ~ A#MusicalMeme

A classic performance by@RealDonaldTrump and@FLOTUS! Do you really think he's gonna quit without one single#CounterPunch?

We'll see if they can top this performance tomorrow at the "Inauguration"...

Sound Up!🎻🎻🎻

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