Many here are bots. I'm as real as it gets as seen here.

In response Cord Archangel to his Publication

"Here I come" @vincentkennedy the#RedPanda the#ChineseTeddyBear The abomination of deselation. The crime of the century. The DNA changing Bioweapon known as#COVID19Vaccine given to you by#TheSnake and his#Legions of Demons. VK was right [They] his#ReptilianHybrid gene given to you in the#jab to alter your made in God's imagine perfect DNA is coming up from the underground. The#BottomlessPit will be opened up from#CometEllen#DeepImpact There God#OSIRIS has always been [Their] idol worshiping DC monument symbolism. The#FamilyIsEverything means the 13 bloodlines of the illuminati are the family it's a big club of criminals and most of you aren't in it. If you have blocked me then most likely you are in it. There are so many voices so many different choices but Fear not you will find your way for#ThreeKings found the Lord and so can we.


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