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Except I have no Spark yet cause they havent dropped it yet. I should get some bc of the airdrop if coinbase honors the airdrop. They kept all our Songbird

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At least you'll be able to start a fire with it later.

Hoping it will be a bit clearer soon what to spend those dwindling deflating fiat federal reserve notes on soon.

Been splitting my IRA with very limited choices into gold/silver and coinbase. None are really good options. The gold and silver are physical backed.

When is your money, NOT your money.
Hint…whenever the government decides to take it.

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So if we purchased on Coinbase, it’s not safe unless we move it to a wallet - is that correct? Any recommendations? Thanks!

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i Dont understand… you buy Btc or XLM & then exchange those For XRP on Bit true?
are you saying Bit true allows a swap of BTC or XLM into XRP ? are you USA based.

How long Does a transfer from coinbase to Bittrue take ?

Thanks for the Help

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I can't get LUNA off Kucoin going to Coinbase ... wrapped LUNA (WLUNA).

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Pretty cool; however...
1.) Transfered Bitcoin from Coinbase into Kucoin
2.) Traded for Luna
3.) Started withdrawal back to Coinbase
4.) Error: Withdrawal Suspended for this Public Blockchain
5.) Sad - Any ideas?

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Got 200 on ledger device and 100 on ndax
All i can scrape up.

Can't do much else in ca with the other coins. facial recog for all platforms here, (biance, coinbase, uphold, etc)
Any trading between coins makes you a business and subject to different tax laws etc.

Don't sound like I'll be rich, all i needed really was 7k for surgery on legs, hopefully I'll get that before it kills me.

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So I did make $8.00 I have to buy USDT ETH or BTC on Coinbase transfer to Kucoin and buy Luna there. But Kucoin wouldn't let me send Luna back to Coinbase to cash out. I bought more Luna and they kept upping the minimum you can send to Coinbase. I find Kucoin confusing.

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so i have to jump through hoops for xrp. my state is not crypto friendly. i buy BTC or XLM on coinbase and transfer to bitrue the. exchange for xrp. you burn some in moving. but i bypass state. once purchase confirmed move to cold storage

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