Carole Parnell donated @MagaMutt
22 May, 06:50
The rechargeable batteries used in electric vehicles require the production of cobalt, and even mainstream sources predict a global cobalt shortage by 2030.

Still think everyone's going to be driving electric cars by 2030?

Nope, private cars will only be accessible to the rich and powerful, and peasants like you will be confined to your 15 minute prisons.

You will go nowhere and you will be "happy". 🤡

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20 May, 07:06
The US Southern Border wall is a nearly 500 mile Tesla Energy Device. THAT was one of the main reasons “they” didn’t want it completed.

Sarge explains Trumps COVFEFE tweet (cobalt, iron, Vanadium) here and how it works here

Covfefe meaning— In modern Arabic; I stand up against the fallen ones.
Donald Trump ReTruth:

Sarge Telegram 05/17/23, Y’all want to explain this?
2 men at the Wall video

The wall is way more than you know.
I’ve talked about this very thing many times in the past.
It works with the Tesla tower that is in Texas.
I remember the day they turned it on the 1st time and what happened.
It’s part of the healing frequency that will help to heal us all.

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Laurie Sunshine @HeavenlySunshine2022
06 May, 05:46

Kat IstheSea3 @katisthesea3
2 hours ago

Kat IstheSea3

In response Kathy Jean to her Publication

5G WAS the weapon, as you know.
But President Trump
had the towers swapped out
to Tesla Tech — CoVFeFe 😉
David Straight

“5G was designed & installed originally
to cause a great deal of harm.
Then it was recognized
& President Trump came out with CoVFeFe.
Co Cobalt
V Vanadium
Fe Iron
Fe Iron
He had Motorola & Raytheon & a few other of our best companies
build a box 18” x 22”
They’ve been installing em as fast as they could
on all the 5G Towers before they were turned on.
They had to make MILLIONS of these things.
What this box does:
If you have a 5G Tower — put the Box on
it creates a Magnetic Field that surrounds the tower
it turns the 60hz to 432 hz.
What is 432?
They created evil to → Righteousnes#3709
Dark > Light

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Lillian Terwilliger @twiggy4065
01 May, 07:35
The Disturbing Reality of Cobalt Mining for Rechargeable Batteries

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Robert Wakefield @Robertauthor
29 April, 01:33
40,000 Children Used as Slaves to Mine for Cobalt
Crimes against humanity comes to mind.

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