LIBERTY JUSTICE4ALL donated @LibertyNJustice4All
08 June, 05:59 (E)
The West coast (SF bridge was all covered in red hue due to WFs) was in this state 2 yrs ago for the ascension-due to GK-grid missions happening BTS post clearing & then purge ops by mil/DOJ follows, where distractions are a MUST to not cause panic by staying indoors, so the criminals (anons know how much bank mafias/corrupt minions are in NYC/East coast that swindle $ from WE THE PPL for eons) can be swept quick under the radar, #CleanNSwiftAsQPosted #trusttheplan #TheJusticeTeamOnTheMove_AboveNGround

All liberation ops are done in step phases (according to the traps set by the Q team, as shared b4 for each yr, & this yr for the banks/lenders etc, the root of evil, blood money must end via these banksters), and locations-systems for Mother.
Unbelievable Images and Videos / Millions Affected / CANADA & USA #nyc - YouTube

Unbelievable Images and Videos / Millions Affected / CANADA & USAThank you all very much for your continued support. We couldn't be doing this work without y...

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