Truth Seeker @JacksRule
23 June, 10:19

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Carole Parnell donated @MagaMutt
23 June, 08:48
🚨Ben Carson Dropping Redpills
The 45 Goals of Communism in America — It’s Happening as we Speak

“Those who want to change us into a Marxist or communist country, they don’t care whether you’re democrat or Republican”

🔴 Read into the Congressional Record of 1963
The 45 Goals of Communism in America - Happening Now

• Infiltrate the public schools and teachers unions to indoctrinate the kids ✅
• Infiltrate the news media & Hollywood ✅
• Drive wedges between parents and children and denigrate the status of the family ✅
• Make sexual perversion normal, natural, & healthy ✅

I was in Europe last year and I was talking to a number of people, and I said, what do you think about America?

The answer I got is we think you’ve lost your minds.

And that’s very concerning to them… because if America goes, what happens to everybody else?”


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Kat istheSea3 donated @KatistheSea3
23 June, 10:54
Route & Pilot cars a minute in front
Sweepers: Motorcycles, patrol cars
Lead Car: Secret Service
Presidential Limo “Stagecoach” w/ballistic armoring
night vision/infrared driving systems
sealed cabin with independent air supply + other countermeasures
2 IDENTICAL cars “Spares” →backup, blocking, decoys
All POTUS limos have identical plates
“Halfback” w/SS Counter Assault Team “CAT” → combat punch
“Watchtower” jams communications & remote detonating devices+
“Hawkeye Renegade” police lights, rails, running boards for SS

🚁 2 Presidential Airlift Helicopters @ every destination.

🇺🇸 @ newstreasonupdates [🎥 SCAVINO video]
A PRESIDENTIAL motorcade for the “EX-President” 😂
Closed major highways
massive police escort
ambulance ONLY for POTUS w/doctor & vials of his blood
🟨 Hwy signs
Exit 17
Exit 19

H/T to @ Debblynn66

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Susan Taapken @Suzy2s
23 June, 08:56
What happened to so many of you that are (were) awake? Have you FORGOTTEN what these have and still do? WHY are so many of you PRAISING jeff bezos, who sells DOLLS that look like CHILDREN..and a freemason..Elon Musk who is PUSHING his Electric Cars, Putting a chip in YOUR BRAIN, And GLORIFY'S satan by wearing the "halloween Costume" Bill Mahr who is a PEDO, PEDOVORE and RED SHOE....Also Alex Jones another free mason...plenty of videos ....dig back in your minds, where ever you can....WATCH WHO YOU FOLLOW

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Egdor Buff @Egdor
23 June, 05:54

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