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Dear Chewy!
Long time customer here, as is the rest of my family and friends that I have recommended to your company. I have been loyal and always raved about the awesome customer service and sweet gestures your company makes.

However, that changed this week. I just learned that you have decided to play in the "Cancel Culture" arena, and well... I am here to tell you, I / We cancel back.

I will never be ordering anything from you again. I will be sharing this message I am sending to you today on all my social media platforms, and with all the family and friends that I referred to you.

That was a mistake Chewy. You should have stayed in your lane and left politics out of your company message. Our pets don't care about politics. My wallet does care though, and with any luck, you will soon feel the rebound of that boomerang you just chucked at a good portion of your customer base.

Best of luck to you.

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