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Rep. Jim Jordan calls on Nadler to hold House Judiciary hearing on 'dangerous trend' of 'cancel culture.'

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Maybe overlooked this one...

Georgia's GOP-led Senate passes bill requiring ID for absentee voting

BY ARIS FOLLEY - 02/23/21

...Georgia state Senate...passed legislation...require voters...submit...driver’s license number, state identification card number or a photocopy of an approved form of identification in order to vote absentee in the state.

Senate Bill 67 passed...35-18 vote...&...heads to...state House for consideration...

...bill has already been met with opposition from Democrats & voting rights groups who say the legislation would make it difficult for voters who don't have a driver’s license or state identification card to vote absentee.

...absentee ballots are currently tallied using signature verification.


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you call everyone on the other side of the fence 'normies' and 'sheep', but are on this side with your eyes wide shut. Ezra calls this movement a cult, but it's more like a religion. trust the plan and wait for the all knowing to tell you what to do and what's going to happen next, largely based on faith.

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DRC cobalt extraction and processing paints a stark picture: by some estimates there are more than 40,000 children put to work in the DRC’s artisanal cobalt mines with little concern for occupational safety, let alone the illegality of child labour. In Chile, lithium mining, a water-intensive business, has crowded out the agricultural sector and contributed to increased soil contamination.

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A distraction from what he actually did, which was MURDER!

We The Media, [01.03.21 14:37]
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Getting Interesting...
"These stories are difficult to read, and the allegations brought forth raise serious questions that the women who have come forward and all New Yorkers deserve answers to," she said in a statement.

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O i forgot to told you that each hurricane is produced, cultivated, and navigated to USA
via DEW since Boomers came in charge?

He has True that Khazarian USSR expell Globalists into USA during 1970' Silent Coup
d Etat let by Russian Christian military. He knews a LOT about "black budgets and rogue star program" aka Not a Space Agency and later Solar Warden which he non true reffering as Soviets. Was in fact British.

They has long tradition with stabbing daggers into Russian backs, since Romanoff royal mass murder.

But he died soon enough to see Bush crime family era. So many KARENS died in 1990'


SORRY my fellow Americans, but GOD is not sadistic Beast. Your own goverment on other hand exploit dark side of capitalism against you EACH YEAR.

Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!


Rep. Jim Jordan calls on Nadler to hold House Judiciary hearing on 'dangerous trend' of 'cancel culture'

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They need to change the signs in grocery stores. Label them for each type of cancer they cause. Cancel culture no?

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Declaration lists a@gmail email account? Maybe no one comments because it is difficult to know what is really happening there. Cant trust this kind of information though.

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yes !!! id already been trained sooo when Q came around it was very cool to see everyone trying to figure out the comms. ive been at assisting with spiritually awakened for years and then This. ppl are so against the political awakenimg amd to have both seems very rare. even i am only now totally opening up to ET even tho the feelimg was already there, the robots and clones still freaks me put a bit. the whole satanic rituals isnt difficult to grasp; so many missing children and babies.

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James Charles, the popular internet celebrity, found himself in the middle of a storm when the internet came out and accused him of pedophilia and grooming.

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