LIBERTY JUSTICE4ALL donated @LibertyNJustice4All
18 August, 07:14
For over 35 yrs living here socal, only experienced sunshine/heatwave & few storms, more so in the past few yrs due to gridwork BTS...But not a hurricane (since 1930s) inching to lower SW. Although, growing up in the Phil Islands I did experienced them a few times as a child, recalling days of floods after the typhoons at my Grandmas house in the Mind-ORO island (Gold-Ancient Lemurian Island, why I was the GK activated to do many of the Gold regions in CA & across her system, for repair/restoration gridwork)...

Why now... per the map where is that new circle, biome energetic ring, for the Giants, her Root system... 🎄#TheMajesticStormCleansingByMotherGoddess #watchCA #watchthewater #NowComesThePainToTheSwampWhoHurtHerOnceMajesticGarden #BoomerangJustice #TheGreatFilter_RaptureStormsOfTheAges
Hurricane Hilary: First-ever Tropical Storm issued for California | LiveNOW from FOX - YouTube

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LIBERTY JUSTICE4ALL donated @LibertyNJustice4All
02 June, 01:35
It is a crime [they] will endure to pay energetically…[they] created this enslaved system, so it’s just matter of time it will blow up in [their] faces. But not to say all the sheep/fear based mind gets off easily, since ppl too were allowing this to occur & kept playing into their fear games… why many are being jolted (a necessary divine intervention like it or not), thru physical/emotional roller coaster 🎢 of karmic payoff/release. Been thru it for 10yrs, prior to 2018-5D Quantum jump, of pain emotionally in order to pass the karmic lessons, and glad was forced to face those pains, to reach my activation for the endgame… ⚖️


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LIBERTY JUSTICE4ALL donated @LibertyNJustice4All
07 March, 10:57
If only the normies/liberals feel the same way & are starting to feel the burn/pain to jolt them out of their MK-zombie-walking state & finally wake up. ⚡
Pic 2 gas prices from 2008 - w/c led to the house bubble crash/DS orchestrated to cover their war crimes as distractions. History repeated until [they] are all caught in their sick timeline events...

#TheEndIsNear #BoomerangJustice
#ItHadToPlayOut_EndTimesTimelineStruggle_ThePrecipice #FInaleEventImminent #WWResetOfDarkSystem_OnlyWayIsToCrashNPurgeThemALLByFeelingThePainWithTruth

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