CV03 The Corolla Virus™ @Kofa
29 May, 04:20
What Biblically Accurate Angels Look Like
(And Why You Wouldn't Want to Meet One)


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Auntie_M 369 @Auntie_M
28 May, 10:39


Buckle Up, Patriots=209
Tipping Point Reached=209
The Fat Lady Is Singing=209

Here Comes The Storm=209
It's Going To Be Biblical. Q=209
One Hundred Year Flood=209
The Truth Revealed. Q=209
Public Awakening Coming=209

Return Earth To God=209
Get Ready. Time To Clean DC=209
Down Go Their Altars=209
I Know A Real Quick Fix=209
Burn This Bitch Down=209
Let It Rip, Tater Chip=209

Level The Playing Field=209
Flawless Victory=209

The Election Was Rigged=209
Brunson V Alma S Adams=209
All In On Trumpets=209
Military Steps In=209

I Am Here For A Purpose=209
A Quest For Truth=209
Seek And You Will Find=209
We Are Here With You=209 💧555
Greatest Band Of All Time=209
Heroes Of The Storm=209
A Thousand Blessings=209

The Ascension Has Begun=209
Rise, My People, Rise=209
Pineal Gland Activation=209
Attain The Higher Level=209
Chosen People Liberated=209

💧209 and 902

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28 May, 06:00

We are living in a biblical story .... God will get all the glory ....

do you believe in coincidence?

How many coincidences before you realize it's God's plan?


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Light and LOVE @LightuptheUniverse
28 May, 11:28
Why I will NOT use the word "god" in connection to Divine Consciousness:

The word "god" as "holy" was created by the cabal.
Originally it was "GD"
It translated to Evil!

The biblical texts known today are not ancient Hebrew!
This is another lie, another adulterated & falsely used word like "semitic" & anti-semitic".
Semitic means regionional locations!

Much of the translated biblical text is Phoenician & Canaanite!

There were many gods in what is considered "ancient" times.
Physical evidence proves most were ETs.

Monotheism is a modern creation!

In the beginning & as the Jesuits conquered global cultures, masses were FORCED to concede to the monotheistic "god" created by & written into biblical texts.

Followers of religions have built their lives & faith around manipulated lies.
Becoming Aware of the political lies while deep cognitive dissonance guards against questioning what they "believe" sustains their Soul.
Key WH players are deeply indoctrinated, as

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Николай Харалампиев @Hampata
28 May, 11:23
❗❗❗*From tomorrow: North to South*

Planned multi-system airborne land and sea exercises

In preparation for the exercise, the movement of fighters and aircraft will be felt throughout the country.

Behind all the updates of the north❗❗❗Rez online ☝️👏💦 Read carefully what it says: "tomorrow a multi-system teaching is planned in the air, on land and on the sea" because exactly 5,5,5 (biblical event in the sea, in the air and on land), which Kew repeats and says about this...

Those who understand, understand / those who know, know / confirm the plan...❗❗❗

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