Lizzy MJax @DizzyLizzy
28 May, 07:33
De Niro also has some skeletons in his closet he does not want out.

Perhaps it has something to do with his connection to the high-end international child prostitution ring, in Paris 1998.

De Niro was detained and questioned by French authorities in 1998, after he was found in the “little black book” and list of customers of Jean-Pierre Bourgeois, the leader of an international human/child trafficking operation.

De Niro admitted to fornicating with the women Bourgeois introduced him to, but claimed there was no money transactions.

“The case involved nearly 90 young women, including 14 minors, and a network that allegedly spread from Paris to the Riviera, and covered Morocco, the United States, Portugal, Switzerland and Britain.” -BBC

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Mye Sh’Rona @Ailgaard
28 May, 07:08
In July 1988 twenty tonnes of aluminium sulphate (which is used to treat cloudy water) was added to the wrong tanks, and thus the water supply. Despite receiving nearly 1,000 complaints, the then South West Water Authority (SWWA) at the time insisted the water was safe to drink, and advised customers to disguise the "foul" taste by mixing it with orange juice.

Carole Cross died aged 59 in 2004 and a post-mortem examination found abnormally high levels of aluminium in her brain.

In 2013 the government has apologised to people in Cornwall affected by the Camelford water poisoning in 1988.

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Lizzy MJax @DizzyLizzy
27 May, 08:43
BBC Calls Latest Trump Trial “Weakest Criminal Case” Says No One Is Watching A Circus With Manipulated Acts


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Roy Herman Kellerman @RoyHermanKellerman
26 May, 11:44
The 2500 year old fake Bible is the largest tool of division ever invented......



"As a gay child, being told you are an abomination and should be destroyed, warped a lot of my thinking. Finding The Satanic Temple has really helped me embrace logic and empathy."

The Satanic Temple is recognised as a religion by the US government, and has ministers and congregations in America, Europe and Australia.

More than 830 people snapped up tickets for its late April convention, dubbed SatanCon.

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walker Fast @Fastwalker
25 May, 02:11
#wwg1wga #WeThePeople #SaveOurChildren #GREATAWAKENING #medbeds #GodWins #WhereIsHunter #pizzagate #MAGA #DeepState #ElectionFraud #AmericaFirst #STOPTHESTEAL #2000mules #PedoHitler #climatechange #AdvancedCivilization #CrimesAgainstHumanity #Plandemic2 #mudflood

Flashback to when the BBC were accused of using crisis actors during the Great CON-vid.

In this case, Henry Dyne’s social media was quickly scrubbed.

Never Forget !

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