Tammy Faye @Pndlumswings
04 December, 09:33

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Resistance Chicks @ResistanceChicks
03 December, 01:50
LIVE 12/3/23 1:45pm EST BOMBSHELL NZ Whistleblower! William Shatner: "We Are Going Extinct" Weekly News Report- #NewZealandWhistleblower home raided by police. A database administrator who helped the #nz government catalog #vaccine recipients has come forward as a whistleblower to reveal the spike in deaths associated with the #COVID19 jab campaign, which resulted in mass death. #WilliamShatner on BBC warns civilization is going extinct, praising #KingCharles saying he needs to tell the planet "We are all going to die." #NeilOliver "If you can't get your head around what is happening, you might say it's you, not them," and what they are planning next. #JavierMilei hits the ground running for liberty in #Argentina after his huge win last week- "One of the greatest thieves in the history of mankind is the central bank." All of that & much more in This Week’s Top News Stories! Watch!!!👇👇👇

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03 December, 01:31
I had a post laid out ready to post. My computer decided to recover the files! Uploaded pics still there, check figures for Lincoln Tues Dec 5th.

#BBC weather keeps backtracking times, saw it at 29 mins, 57 mins, 1 hour (60) where it sat for ages then went back to 21 mins! Followed by 43 mins #QEII #GWBush It returned to 21 mins again! Low of -12.5C.


29 #Q posts for Dec 5th!
D5 was when #Hillary was supposed to appear before the judiciary committee.


#AsTheWorldTurns #AF1
#Q522 Jeremiah 29:11

Weather forecast for today started at 2C max. then went to 1C max, 1C min. #11TwinTowers . Rain was forecast with high chances for every hour until 18:00 Dec 5th when it was 10%.
Forecasts for Lincoln comes from RAF Waddington!

BBC article full of #Comms #D5 #BushSnr funeral #19Santa #17Q #18JFKJr

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Kel Que @SwampDrainer19
03 December, 12:26

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LanieLou _MAGADonian @LanieLou_MAGADonian
02 December, 08:58
BBC is in an 82% White Nation [UK]
yet refuses to hire Whites, resulting
in a lower 58%.

Yet, it's not good enough. They want
ALL Whites eliminated.

What's his problem? - YouTube

Please subscribe to the channel for more: https://www.youtube.com/PrisonPlanetLive?sub_confirmation=1

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