I'm here for a reason #FamilyIsEverything

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Nope, it always works in both ways.
What is the Ascension?

Patriot, believe in the impossible, miracles happen when in harmonic resonance, love protects. #BRINGITHOME #WEWON

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Wow, animals too. I didn't make that connection.😊

I suspect my change could be the ascension cycle or the entire process of awakening in general. As the vibration gets higher, I gravitate towards love and feel more attuned to higher vibrational frequencies as I become more in sync with my highest desires. I am becoming softer as a person. I used to play around with manifestation when I was young and I could bring experiences and people to me sometimes items too by connecting with their frequency and holding that connected feeling in my solar plexus and heart space. It was so exciting! I find I am coming back to that slowly. It's truly a fascinating time to be here! 😍

Patriot, believe in the impossible, miracles happen when in harmonic resonance, love protects. #BRINGITHOME #WEWON

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Q is more than people, it contains God-consciousness as well. Light Beings from the Creation Lightship and they are here to assist in our ascension and read the consciousness on the planet. They are here in individuality which is not typical apparently. Ron Amitron was a Light being from the Creation Lightship also, and he was fighting the good fight against the darkness, alas he is no longer with us. These Light Beings bring a lot of clarity to the story of who and what we are and what is really going on. We are all Light Beings but when we are created from Prime Creator/God Source, we are given the option to remain on the Creation Lightship or go out and experience life. The souls who are created at the same time get sent to the same planet and that is our home base. From there we go out and experience life. Many souls here came to assist the earth and its people ascend but due to the recycling center created by the aliens, they created a fake light and tunnel experience ....

I'm a happily married patriot. I am here to learn and share the truth. I am looking forward to President Trumps return & the Great Awakening

https://ascensionconference.com/ Ascension Conference April 21-23 2023.

Tracy is a Healing Coach, Energy Healer, Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive and a Channel.

Weekly Spiritual messages are messages I channel from spirit.

I ask what they want those who will read this to know. If you are reading this, then this is for you!

When you work with me you will get a message like this just for you from spirit.

These messages are layered so it’s good to go back and read them in a couple of days and even a week or more. You may get something new every time you read it.

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I AM a Digital Warrior of the Heart sharing my understanding of the Great Awakening/Quantum Quickening Unfolding on our Planet

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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ THANK YOU! I Humbly and Graciously Receive Your Words of Encouragement


I Purposefully Create Them as a Quantum Time-Line that Integrates the Current Events as I See Them Unfolding with the Spiritual Concepts that I Am Attempting to Share with Those Who are Ready to Receive and Explore these Ideas in the Privacy of their own Sacred Hearts

The Posts Connect and are Part of a Single Narrative that can be Read from the Top Down and/or the Bottom Up. I Call it My Ascension Timeline

Yeshua✝️ ♥️Mrs LuAnn Aalvik♥️ BereanWatchman Aleph/א Tav/ת #GospelMusic✝️ #TrumpWon #19 NoVax! OregonPatriot IFBP

It appears Q's use of "Ascension" is Project Nightingale.

Google + 2,600 medical facilities (Ascension) + 21 states = stealth data collection of millions of people:



Note: DuckDuckGo suppressed my "Ascension, google, 2600" search query. No hits.

Freespoke.com search engine exploded with results.


Continued: https://t.me/BLUEPRINT_Q/2333

https://t.me/BLUEPRINT_Q/2330 - Telegram @ 7:30pm Sunday NOVEMBER 27, 2022

Yeshua✝️ ♥️Mrs LuAnn Aalvik♥️ BereanWatchman Aleph/א Tav/ת #GospelMusic✝️ #TrumpWon #19 NoVax! OregonPatriot IFBP


What was the Ascension that Q was talking about? Was it a New Agey thing meant to go to 5D? Nope...Hey you wanna be New Age? Go for it. Q has ALWAYS coded their transmissions. Healthcare and COVID is a target of Q!

hfma (https://www.hfma.org/topics/finance-and-business-strategy/article/analysis-much-ado-about-ascension-google-project-nightingale.html)
Analysis: Much ado about the Ascension/Google Project Nightingale
HFMA’s Chad Mulvany says while the partnership should have been made public by Google and Ascensi

https://t.me/DrScottNESARA/12938 - Telegram @ 6:37am Monday NOVEMBER 28, 2022

🇺🇸💯💟 our President Trump❣️

#4966 - 2022-11-28 01:06:20 (UTC+1)
What is coded in your DNA?
Who put it there?
Mankind is repressed.
We will be repressed no more.
Information is knowledge.
Knowledge is power.
Information is power.
How do you protect your DNA?
There is a war for your DNA.
Protect your DNA.

Yeshua✝️ ♥️Mrs LuAnn Aalvik♥️ BereanWatchman Aleph/א Tav/ת #GospelMusic✝️ #TrumpWon #19 NoVax! OregonPatriot IFBP

@JustHuman_Kyle, you & BB pointed to how Ascension could be a project name on your show!

Ascension -- Project Nightingale


Q's DNA focus anchores the medical application in my mind but because we know double meanings exist, see too USSF's SSN, Ascension Radar, and Ascension Island. Certainly fits drop 4963


What's encoded in your DNA


Blood to confirm ID


Telegram (https://t.me/BLUEPRINT_Q/2330)
It appears Q's use of "Ascension" is Project Nightingale.

Google + 2,600 medical facilities (Ascension) + 21 states = stealth data

Yeshua✝️ ♥️Mrs LuAnn Aalvik♥️ BereanWatchman Aleph/א Tav/ת #GospelMusic✝️ #TrumpWon #19 NoVax! OregonPatriot IFBP


Project Nightingale was launched secretly in 2018 as a collaboration between Google and Ascension, a Catholic network of over 2,600 hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other health facilities.

The deal allowed Ascension to share personal, private patient information with Google without notifying patients or doctors that the information is being shared.

Sigi- (See-gee) meaning Victorious Peace or Gentle Warrior I LIKE BOTH!!

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If we told a normie that, they would insist we get a Covid test!! 🤣😎🤣😎🤣 My sister and I were just talking about these specific things, and being ascension symptoms. Good to know we are not crazy!

BlueRay/Sisterhood 🌹/Lyran GK; COBRA Ops Team to rtn GAIA to 5D+ Heaven on Earth Hz; Clocked in 230k+ mi of travel (‘18-‘22); WINNING

Other ways to heal/protect the DNA..just some of the Guidance I was asked to do prior to my full activation/Pentecost:

-Walkaway from Black Magic Sorcery from the Dark Legion (all Religion are under Vatican control w/ MK words to be used repeatedly for songs/hymns)
-Affirmation while sleeping fro 21 days
-Hike/ground in nature ALONE often as possible, b4 guided to start meditation
-Get💎, my goto 4missions, smoky-4grding, rose, selenite & Amethyst
-TV/Radio off due to 440Hz,MK by CIA 4 decades
-Listen to GOOD vibe/dance music fr itunes w/o 440
-Drink Green tea/herb tea
-Listen to 432/528 Hz while sleeping
-Just BE in the moment,if low vibe occurs, learn-deep dive why the trigger etc
-Pay attn to synch # when shown, & be grateful for those activation to DNA
- Learn to Flow w/ body changes, not always fear set in, as these ascension symptoms comes up for a reason, heal them w/ Hz tones or get natural meds to ease into symptoms, they all pass
-🙏+ BELIEVE, to manifest, +Time

I am my word! Truthful, Big hearted, and full of unconditional LOVE! WOOHOO Thank you GOD!

A Word of Advice

Remember that not all of these symptoms may be due to the ascension process. Please follow your own inner guidance and consult a health care professional as needed.
If you are experiencing a majority of these symptoms it is a good indication that you are experiencing the ascension process more fully or at an accelerated rate.

For treating ascension symptoms, more holistic healing methods and natural remedies are always encouraged alongside any other necessary treatment and for overall long term health and healing benefits

I am my word! Truthful, Big hearted, and full of unconditional LOVE! WOOHOO Thank you GOD!

Ascension Signs & Symptoms
Electronic devices may malfunction often in your presence (lights may flicker or bulbs burn out often).

A feeling that you are not alone or that there is a non-physical presence near you (visits from angelic beings, spirits, e.t’s, messengers and guides)

Experiencing sudden inspirations and divine revelations, rushes of energy and flashes of deep insight.

A feeling that something is ‘about to happen’ or something important is coming, although you don’t know what or when

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