Maddy McCullough @Missingmaddy
09 November, 02:34
Do we have a star fleet? Are their different species among us? Is their good vs evil? It was said by a retired military person .. if we could actually see the UAP's and the size they are ..... they would hide the sun ....The Andromedans are “one of the thousands of extraterrestrial races in existence.” Andromedans are humans with bluish skin and are taller than 2 metres. All human life forms began in the Lyra Constellation, according to Collier, author of “Defending Sacred Ground: The Andromedan Compendium.” But a war made their stars blow up, so people had to move to other parts of the galaxy to stay alive...... FACT or FICTION .... you decide ..... WHAT IF ?

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Law & Physics @physics171
06 October, 06:14
Dec 17, 2021
Humans were created by the 5 main races of Galactic Federation: Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Andromedans, Orions.

We were specifically made in the image of Pleiadian Elohim.

The "Adam & Eve" lineage was genetically modified by the fallen Sirians (Enki) who played "Yahweh".

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Angel Grace @Tianshi
23 September, 10:59
Our Solar System At Fifth Density: Transforms in Progress

AC: The Andromedans say we have 13 planets in this solar system. When we move into 5th density, it will become apparent that there are 27 planets in our solar system. They are already here, but on another frequency, which is why we don't see them at present. When we get to 5th density it will be evident that
Jupiter is a Sun, which means at that level we will be a binary star system. Jupiter, in 5th density, is light am told that in 1000 years, the 5th density future generations of us that will incarnate on the 5th density physical dimension will have light blue skin, because of the Sun.

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Kakoli Bandyopadhyay @BaphometKiller
08 August, 01:24
8/8 *?* 1.20AM
Lion gate portal is open and questions are gushing out:

If the galactic federation and all the benevolent ET groups such as Sirius Pledeians
Andromedans and many more who can make earth spin in a different speed over its axis, then how come they are not able to destroy Baphomet?
Or do they want to destroy Baphomet?
Are they Baphomet Collaborators like US Space Command?
Seems highly likely
otherwise why good benevolent beings will by their own choice collaborate with Baphomet Space command of USA?

Got the point?

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Carminda Camara @CarmindaC
18 July, 04:16
Strangest thing
Wake up at 3am

Out of the blue shouting out
“ Andromedans are coming “

Never heard about these things before & don’t believe in all these assumed beings existing out there

But the message was very loud & clear 🤷🏻‍♀️

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