Save the Children
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Save the Children

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USA Veteran.

What the world needs now ......

Tip of hat to Whiplash..

Mossad matrix in " our " Media.

Feel nauseous yet ?

Hello Fellow Patriots !

Here's a thought -
Attitude determines success or failure , Cheers !

(By the way , I believe Mike Lindell is a great example ! )


April 19 , 2021

Im terribly sorry if u dont like my harsh honesty. But I dont like your sugar coated bullshit either!✝️ArmyWife:Mom:Mamma:FreeSpirit♒:45

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This man , Dr. Vernon Coleman, is very inspiring - with his life history and his philosophical take on the conundrum we are experiencing.

Trust me - you will strengthen your backbone listening to this man.

anyone here on Gab? join me

Dr Vernon Coleman explains why we’re fighting a war of perception rather than reality, analyses the weaknesses and single strength of the Resistance Movement, provides some ammunition and outlines a winning strategy.

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Gratitude is its own gift :-)

Standing on a Bridge. Speaking Truths. Being God's messenger. Hopefully changing a narrative or two.



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Haha CoriMo !

Nice post . I wish we could just blame it on the fluoride!!

Something more afoot than that I am afraid !

I suspect it is. ...Mind Control ! We should conduct a poll, Lol .

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It is not up to one person to make decisions about the EBS or other announcements. Sorry , I hear the urgency in your plea. A lot of people would like this to be finished up also.
But the the truth of the matter is that this is a multifaceted plan that is similar to puzzle pieces ...all the pieces must be in place before the picture can be completed.
Everyone must hang in there until the mission is completed.
Stay strong and we can support each other through this complicated yet very important world-wide clean up for our futures.

Everyone, I mean everone, in my family thinks Biden is President.

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Good riddance . Hope they suffered .

Back to see if you people are loving one another or breaking the commandments.

What in the actual fuck is going on?

Any thoughts would be GREATLY appreciated.

We haven't heard a word from her since January.

Her husband worked with Epstein and was executed.

I'm seriously having an issue with this, I have chest pain.

Mumma, Autist, Aussie Vet🇦🇺, Arteeest👌😁 Love won. I’ve known as far back as I can remember. Can’t explain it. Telegram @GlobalUnityLive

“Ivanka”. Will she publicly ‘die’ from vax complications?

God*Wife*Mom*Patriot*SAVEOURCHILDREN*TRUMP is my President

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I hope it’s true and I’m not steering prople in the wrong direction. I know it would kill Trump if his family were implicated in this mess. But my original post renonsted with me. #FamilyIsEverything.
It has been pointed out to me that Ivana, Ivanka, and Robert’s names were on Epstein’s flight logs. My question is, where did they fly to? the island or elsewhere? How many times? If you went once and are horrified are you still implicated? Lots of questions to dig for answers to.

I'm loving this show even though I lost my family and frens. Hey guys does anyone else in my position want to sue CNN? Always praying.

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Along with his dimples.
Ivanka had to know and
Prez Trump always knew.


Tip of the hat to Whiplash347 ....


Vice President John F. Kennedy has appointed Patrick Bouvier Kennedy as Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States.


Hello Fellow Patriots !

Video link above, today, Friday, from Michael Buble.

MICHAEL BUBLE .... does anybody else find this kinda strange ... even creepy ? Is there some kind of code is is trying to communicate?

Doesn’t seem like himself ?

Dan Pageler explains in great detail about the horrific attack on the ship USS LIBERTY.

If you can watch his story ... heart rending .. a greater inderstanding will be gained about a soldier's sense of duty and allegiances. And the Truth.

A rare insight into a soldier's point of view.

Must watch and see and listen.

A member of the USS LIBERTY relates the tragic events on the day of the attack and the history of the ship .
The crew of the ship received the most decorations for a single ship action in US American history.