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I still believe in the goodness and generosity of the American people. I love my country and will always STAND for GOD, Family and Freedom.

OMG!!!! Watch this to see that J&J vaccine box came with no Fair Balance info. That is totally illegal!!!! If you advertise online, the fair balance needs to be one click away but a QR code on an Emergency Vaccine should not be what the company uses. What if an elderly person wanted to see what was inside the vaccines???? Many don't carry Smart Phones and even if they do, they should have access to the Fair Balance info before getting the shot in a paper insert. I cannot believe that this was done!!!

Patriot. Veteran. I believe in the power of prayer. Faith moves mountains. Donald J Trump is still my President ❤ Never surrender 🇱🇷

In response TheStormIsUponUs Now to his Publication

I share the same blood type as our REAL POTUS. I know I am not evil nor is he. But its a curious thing to have a rare blood type.