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They need to improve their app both on android and Roku. It's missing features like memory playback and proper rating system, lack of history, HD default setting, etc., etc. Rumble has more money than other alt tech video platforms, no excuses.

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That's the overflow spillway in case the dam overfills, it has somewhere to go in a controlled manner. Since Lake Mead's capacity is at record lows, there's not enough water to reach the spillway. Hence, no water there.

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It won't happen, yet. They will scoff it off like usual. It's understandable why that is because it hasn't hit them personally in some fashion. The only way they will apologize if they themselves understand the reality of their actions and suffer the physical, emotional and/or mental consequences from injecting experimental vaccines.

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Therefore, that doctor along with others are participating in crimes against humanity by letting people die. They are aware, they know, yet continue to let it happen. They must hang for their crimes. No deals.

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Lake Mead would need to rise over 100ft just to reach the average level. It would also need to rise about 180ft to reach max pool level. The monsoon storm over Vegas is nowhere near enough to fill up Lake Mead. It will take record-breaking rainfall to recover what has been lost over the decades.
Unless there is weather modifying tech that could speed things up a bit...

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Lake Mead is huge. Streets are not. Streets can only handle so much flash flooding before it turns into a raging river. Which is what Vegas and the Southwest is known for. When it rains, it pours hard and fast.

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When You Know, You Know:

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No Menards around here. Haven't stepped in one since visiting family in Wisconsin many years ago. I highly doubt Home Depot or Lowe's are going to get MAGA on us.

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All of them were. All guilty. Home Depot had outside makeshift lines and tents with security guards and employees. Then, they stepped it down to employees in the front entrance prohibiting entry if no mask. Lowes stopped people at the front if you had no mask.

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Thats assuming if he really got covid in the first place. This is a movie afterall, correct? How do we know it wasn't just another strategic move on the white hats part?
TN not is wrong, 45 hasn't denounced injuries from the vaccine as of today. The question is why? What's really going on? Are injuries fake? Unlikely. He's part of this elaborate plan to take back the country and world from the most evil people known to humanity, but completely oblivious and rather silent on the current status of vaccines. What are we missing here?
45 can't exactly come back and say "well you all had a choice, like HCQ, and we needed this vax to get out there to trap the DS." We knew it will harm millions of people. By the way, sorry about your family dying. MAGA! Doesn't make sense. We're missing a piece of the puzzle.

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This is the King James version of Psalms. What's interesting to me is that there are a few different versions of the bible, i.e., international version, that removes the word "firmament" and replaces with "skies". Others completely omit it altogether.

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I hope hanging on to that license is worth what's coming to you. Coward.

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Speaking of "Enter the Dragon", let's not forget what's was revealed in Han's Island:
1.) human trafficking.
2.) drugged prostitutes.
3.) underground caged prisoners.
4.) underground drug trafficking.
5.) torture chambers/execution areas.

"The enemy has only images and illusions behind which he hides his true motives. Destroy the image and you will break the enemy."

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This is fine.

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I disagree. I've seen him do this exact move before years ago. His trainer had to come out and help. Personally, I am more vocal about my muscle cramps. Especially when I get them after a heavy leg workout and don't hydrate enough.

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He gets injured frequently and gets muscle cramps. Which might explain the slow response to help. However, the question is whether this time is it due to clots because of the vax? Stay tuned...

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Like the police officer who stated a different flight path and plane hit the Pentagon. He was on duty and was filling up his cruiser at the gas station close to the Pentagon.
Why not just look at the plethora of camera footage all over the DC and surrounding area and settle this once and for all? oh oops, guess who confiscated it all?
Instead the public got a lousy few frames that shows one pixel of the so called plane's nose, then an sudden explosion. Most well guarded city on Earth, most heavily surveilled area and we got a video worse than my vhs camcorder. Could this be any more obvious?

One way ticket:

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Wonderful news. What was her exact regimen? dosage?

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Increasing potassium/magnesium may help problems with high blood pressure. Powder form is the most inexpensive option. Two common ones are: potassium chloride and potassium citrate. Potassium chloride is cheaper, but on the bitter side. if you like sour taste, choose potassium citrate.
I like to combo potassium chloride + magnesium citrate and add to my water.

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