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P.J. Shekhinah

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I love my Country and President Trump. He gave us the Courage and the Hope for better things for our children and grandchildren. No DMs

Many containerships are being put in a waiting pattern. They want us to do without.

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Who's your favourite follow in Anonup? Apart from@docholliday of course

The fight for humanity a War of Good vs Evil Truth vs Lies America Falls the World Falls. SeedingTheLight on http://WEGO.Social / Gab.com

Doing my part in helping restore freedom to America while kicking evil in the ass. Guided by God the Father, Jesus Christ & my ancestors!

Sunday reminder:

HCQ is a vaccine.

The experimental jab is NOT.

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👉 find me here! https://linktr.ee/petahjane

I’ve worked out there’s roughly 17 million people in lockdown in the South Pacific:

7 million in NSW
5 million in VIC
5 million in NZ

That’s 12 million in Australia - 50% of our population.

and then I read this:


Lifeline is receiving 3000 calls a day. That’s average of 90,000 calls a month for mental health and people in crisis.

When does it look like a humanitarian crisis?

Asking for a friend.

WWG1WGA, MAGA, Veteran, Constitutional Law, Equality. Retired Scientist , Restore Our Nation Citizen Rights & Constitutional Laws.

Traits of the Antichrist Described in the Bible

Intelligent: Revelation 13:18; Daniel 7:8.

Charismatic Speaker: Daniel 7:8 Revelation 13:5.

Crafty Politician: Daniel 9:27; Revelation 17:12, 13, 17.

Distinct Physical Appearance: Daniel 7:20.

Military Genius: Revelation 4; 17:14; 19:19.

Economic Genius: Daniel 11:38.

Blasphemer: Revelation 13:6.

Utterly Lawless: 2 Thessalonians 2:8.

Selfish, Ambitious Egomaniac: Daniel 11:36,
37; 2 Thessalonians 2:4.

Greedy Materialist: Daniel 11:38.

Controlling: Daniel 7:25.

Proud and Self-exalting Above God and Everything: Daniel 11:36; 2 Thessalonians. 2:4.

WWG1WGA, MAGA, Veteran, Constitutional Law, Equality. Retired Scientist , Restore Our Nation Citizen Rights & Constitutional Laws.

✨🌴🌷🌹🕊️🦄🌼🍀🥀🌷🌏🍌🍹🦋💚☀️☄️🐝 Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom THOMAS JEFFERSON


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Snap lockdown announced at 9am for 3 days. Everything at a standstill.

3-4 million people across 15,000kms sent inside for 3 days …

Feels like a drill.

A little ditty about Jack & Dian~A🩰🦢#wwg1wga #thegreatawakening #familyiseverything #godwins #jfkjr #saveourchildren #trumpismypresident

In response Aus Sco to his Publication

Have Faith
Even though it may appear things are at a stand still
The news unlocks the map
Timing is everything
People need to see and understand just how deeply lawless & treasonous these#CrimesAgainstHumanity are for themselves
We have been gifted special vision & eyes to see before the Dam does break loose~ it most certainly will & we will be there together for one another & rebuild together
Trust in God & know this is a very blessed time to be alive

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brand new Gematria for Aussies 🇦🇺✝️💗💓😇

Pedo Gates was place there by the Rothschild's for a reason..........


the great awakening is all around you

two sides

which side are you on? really.. fear?

wake up tomorrow and refuse the fear they push

watch for people telling you about all the negative.. great reset.. famine.. pain.. thats what they want..

get right and then let go

get ready for truth and push for whats good

repel the bad and project good

get ready for the real great awakening. its here..

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brand new Gematria for Aussies 🇦🇺✝️💗💓😇


The human brain is believed to function in a complex chemical environment through various types of neurons and neurotransmitters. Neurons are brain cells, numbering in the billions, which are capable of instant communication with each other through chemical messengers called neurotransmitters. 🤔

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Patriot, Digital soldier, Anon, Memer, Empath, WWG1WGA, MAGA,, NRA, SAVETHECHILDREN, God Wins, Trump is my President

WWG1WGA, MAGA, Veteran, Constitutional Law, Equality. Retired Scientist , Restore Our Nation Citizen Rights & Constitutional Laws.


So I am not sure why Fauci went full commie within this 48 hour period.
But I did find out some interesting news that happened that day.
This was the timeframe in which a huge lawsuit was file against Google, Obama, Biden, and Co.
There were also some other very interesting happenings during that time.
Here are some links.






Forgiveness and Love is 🔑- Retired Digital Soldier-Divine Union 144🌹🔥 DMs always open☀️💚

Others may say things such as - “Suck in that Light when in Public allowing less interation from public energies”

Then there is me- Load my body up with Crystals and Intention to Shine on everyone that comes near😎🔥⚡️💚

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Mum died on his birthday 29th May 2016, and he died on my birthday 31st Jan 2020.

No coincidences are there??

Happy Birthday President Kennedy.

Love you Mum... 💗🥰💗

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My latest Gematria decode just now... it had me in tears. The burden of knowledge is a great responsibility but we are here for a purpose: to witness the Fall of Babylon.

Revelations 18:23

"for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.”

I follow back all Patriots. Expose the truth! Question everything. I trust God and God's plan. #JesusIsMySavior

From Ghost Ezra:

Seeker of Truth | Dark-to-Light | WWG1WGA

What happened to Diana?
What did she FIND OUT?
Why was she RUNNING?
What was THE COVER?
Why is this relevant?
Why now?

ChildOfGod⛪AmericanPatriot🇺🇸FreedomFighter🗽FamilyIsEverything👪SaveTheChildren🤱DigitalSoldier 👩‍💻WWG1WGAWW🌎Florida🌴 🙏RIP Veronica❤️

30 die daily after vaccination. Even though it is probably understated 100 times or more, still, it is good news, that some main media is at least start talking about it. People are dying from vaccination

@CallingASpadeASpade ♠️

WWG1WGA, MAGA, Veteran, Constitutional Law, Equality. Retired Scientist , Restore Our Nation Citizen Rights & Constitutional Laws.

Do you see now how desprate the DS has become. Its not about Science or Medicine its about pushing the NWO Agenda of getting toatal populations to 500 million from 7.2 billion.


Read and know the truth !!!

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Youth Health Strength Eternal Goddess Sovereign Free * And so it is

💚🙏💚 Love & thanks to Anons from Anons 💚🐸💚

We thank you for your service, Anons.
God bless each and every one of you.
Patriots, one and all!
Pepe is proud and has never been more popular.
Q 💞

Juan O Savin 🔥
“The President, tQ-Team, Military Intel people
have gambled EVERYTHING
that the American people can still yet be woken up
that it’s not too late
that they’ll rise out of this Blue-Pill induced slumber
that had just about got us.
The Q-Operation was about alerting them
explaining to them what’s going on
educating them
helping them to make alliances within the communities
within the groups around them
so that with the frauds
we know how the magic happens.
Looking at ballots magically showing up
vote changes in the computers
ballots coming in from China...
The Q-Team, the whole project
has been administered brilliantly.”

We will never lose again win this is finished.

WWG1WGA, MAGA, Veteran, Constitutional Law, Equality. Retired Scientist , Restore Our Nation Citizen Rights & Constitutional Laws.

Just know how incredibly lucky to be alive now after over 3,500 years of enslavement by the Cabal.